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Switzerland is the country of watches - yet another cliché? Actually, it couldn't be more true. More than 95% of all watches with a value of over 1000Sfr are made in Switzerland! The Swiss watch industry started off in Geneva around 1600, founded by Huguenots who had fled France. Zurich however is a prime shopping spot for watches today. Whether on busy Bahnhofstrasse or in a quieter corner, you will find a huge selection of brands and models here. 
Shopping for watches in Zurich is akin to a treasure hunt in the land of timekeeping titans, except here, the treasures come with price tags that might raise your eyebrows higher than the Swiss Alps. Wander down Bahnhofstrasse and you'll find yourself in a sparkling corridor of time, where each boutique window is a portal to the exquisite craft of horology. Picture this: suave salespeople who know their tourbillons from their tachymeters, guiding you with a precision that rivals the mechanisms of the watches they're selling.

In Zurich, the humble wristwatch is elevated to an art form, showcasing not just the time of day but centuries of Swiss precision and luxury. Whether you're in the market for something that screams "I've climbed corporate ladders" or seeking a subtle piece that whispers "I appreciate fine craftsmanship," you'll find it here. Just remember, in the realm of Swiss watches, "checking the time" might just have you checking your bank balance too, but hey, who needs savings when you're on Swiss time?

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