Gay & Lesbian Zurich

Gay & Lesbian Zurich


Zurich is undoubtedly Switzerland's gay and lesbian capital and is in general quite queer-friendly. What better proof than the election of lesbian Corinne Mauch as mayor in 2009? Zurich's vibrant queer scene was one of the driving forces in creating today's club culture. Of course, some of the queer venues are cool places to hang out even if you're hetero.

Zurich's queer calendar has several major events, all in spring or summer.

For over ten years a Christopher Street Day has been held in June. Called Zurich Pride Festival (June 9 & 10, 2017, (www.zurichpridefestival.ch) today, this is a huge event with parties, open-air bars and a colourful march through the city.
In spring the Pink Apple film festival (www.pinkapple.ch) shows gay and lesbian films from all over the world and awards a prize to a young director. But the queer scene is also very lively, big events aside. Whether you're looking for a gay-friendly bar to relax in, gay and lesbian clubbing or venues of a more raunchy kind, you'll find it in Zurich. Check out the websites or ask in some of the bars too.

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