The independent city guide to Zurich

Although winter isn’t exactly peak tourism season in Zurich, we still think it’s a great time to experience Switzerland’s largest city. All of its best sights can be seen, but without the summer crowds. Its natural beauty is also undeniable at this time of year. Take a ride up to the top of Uetliberg for spectacular scenery and incredible views of distant mountain peaks covered in snow. If you’re lucky, you might just be above the fog line, so you can gaze upon a sea of mist far below. To avoid disappointment, check the visibility at Uetliberg’s webcam before taking the journey.

If, however, you’d like to truly experience all of winter’s bounty, then a number of popular Alpine mountains are only a short ride away. It’s possible (even recommended) to take a day trip for a stroll or hike in the snow, but many people, of course, hit the slopes for some skiing, snowboarding or crosscountry skiing.

Winter is also the time when the city’s cultural life is in full swing. For exhibitions, concerts and the like click here. And finally, winter also has some culinary advantages. While we admit that the Swiss cheese specialities fondue and raclette are on offer year round, winter is actually the season when locals eat these gooey treats. There’s nothing cosier (or more Swiss) than dipping bread in a pot of hot melted fondue on a dark winter evening!
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