Adult entertainment

Sex in Zurich: Strip clubs & more adult entertainment


If you are looking for sins of the flesh, and then probably you're male, Zurich offers what you can expect of a city of its size - though it's far from being a sex destination. In Switzerland prostitution is legal, so in Zurich you can find everything from strip bars to sex clubs and brothels. Street prostitution is allowed in certain areas - for example at Häringstrasse in Niederdorf and in Altstetten in the so called sex boxes (Depotweg, access by car only).

At infamous Sihlquai, street prostitution is now prohibited.

Here we list some strip bars. We believe that these places are upstanding businesses, but still recommend employing common sense however.

Read more about the Zurich legal situation of prostitution, brothels and escort services in our feature Sex and prostitution in Zurich -  what is legal and what isn't.

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