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Sex in Zurich: Strip bars, sex clubs and erotic massages


If you’re male and looking for the so-called ‘sins of the flesh,’ then Zurich has a lot to offer. Prostitution is legal in Switzerland, so you can find everything from strip bars and erotic massages to sex clubs and escort services in Zurich. While hardly an alpine Amsterdam, Zurich is an inviting destination if you’re looking for carnal pleasures and sexy ladies in various states of undress.

Prostitution is not only legal but is also regulated by the city.

Sex clubs need permission to operate and this is only granted if a business follows all of the security, health, social security and tax regulations, doesn't place any undue pressure on the sex workers, ensures their health and guarantees violence prevention. For all these reasons, sex clubs are probably the best and safest option if you’re looking for sex in Zurich.

Here then is a list of strip bars, erotic massage parlours and sex clubs.
We believe these places to be upstanding businesses, but we still recommend employing simple common sense when delving into the world of adult entertainment.

Read more about the different options the city has to offer and the legal status of prostitution, street prostitution, brothels and escort services in Zurich in our feature Sex and prostitution in Zurich - Do's and Dont's.

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Editor's Picks & Featured Venues

Andana Massagen

 Staffelstrasse 10

Club Globe

 Ifangstrasse 2, Schwerzenbach

Club Pascha

 Weststrasse 150

Club Rouge

 Siewerdtstrasse 69

Dakini Zürich

 Siewerdtstrasse 95
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