Drago Tršar: Monument

Nov 22 - Jan 20 2019       Mestni Trg 5
Academic sculptor and academician Drago Tršar has for many decades marked the Slovenian artistic space with a great creative energy and author's recognizable artistic language. He represents one of the prime sculptural authorities in our cultural space and his extensive scope of work of various series, cycles and individual works, both public (he signed his name under many important public sculptures) and private sculptures, deserves a comprehensive presentational exhibition in the largest and most important Slovenian gallery spaces. 

The exhibition at the Mestna galerija Ljubljana is an integral part of a series of exhibitions that have taken place in 2018, that is, exhibitions dedicated to the artist's ninetieth anniversary, where Tršar’s sculpture is analytically, systematically and scientifically dealt with. Reflecting and studying the sculptures of academic sculptor Drago Tršar requires precise and proper dive into the entire opus, incredibly rich and rounded. Within this extensive scope, there are numerous prurient, directly sensuous, through the erotic layer of corporality enhanced sculptural works. Above all, to see and feel his erotic sculpture is the underlying purpose of the current retrospective exhibition at the Mestna galerija Ljubljana. 

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Open 11:00-19:00, Sun 11:00-15:00. Closed Mon. Nov 22 2018 - Jan 20 2019
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