Living Nativity in Postojna Cave

Wednesday Dec 25 - Monday Dec 30       Jamska 30, Postojna
The annual live Nativity in Postojna Cave is an experience unlike any other in Slovenia. In the beautiful atmosphere of Postojna's subterranean world the biblical scenes come to life in unique and mesmerizing ways. Breathtaking stalactites, the inventive play of light, harmonious music and singing with exceptional acoustics all come together to create an almost surreal Christmas experience. Outside the cave visitors can also enjoy the more festive and playful side of the holidays at a lively Christmas market.

In addition to the setting, another factor that makes the living nativity scene inside Postojna Cave so special is that it is strictly set up according to what is written in the Bible, specifically the events described in the gospels of Matthew and Luke. It all begins with the announcement of the birth of John the Baptist, and is followed by a number of other scenes: the Revelation of Joseph, Mary's visit to Elizabeth, the Revelation to the Shepherds and many more.

All of these scenes take place amongst the magnificent and truly one-of-a-kind natural creations of the Karst underground world that is enriched through music and lighting, the former performed by both choirs and young singers. A trip to Postojna Cave for the living Nativity is sure to be an unforgettable experience.



Dec 25 2019 - Dec 30 2019
Postojna Cave
Jamska 30, Postojna
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