Marjam Gumilar

Apr 4 - Jun 2 2019       Slovenska 9
Marjan Gumilar, a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Ljubljana, is a painter, sensitive colourist drawing on modernist abstraction of abstract expressionism. In his painting practice moving in the constant interaction between emotion and ratio, he has been exploring the autonomy of colour and its laws within a wide spectrum of thematizations and reflections of immediate reality, ranging from nature to a physical painting, an object.

What is more, through the haptic effect, he has transformed the painting from an illusion to a body. The common thread in Gumilar’s works produced over the previous decade is therefore the body, manifested in what appears to be the painting’s objective character, established through the interaction between pure art and the spectator’s view.

Text from www.mgml.si.
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