Thursday Apr 13 11:30       Prešernova 10
The performance walks through nine chapters of Tesla's life, which, with the help of music, experiments, biographical excerpts and quotes, present the world of Nikola Tesla, his inventions and, above all, his immense humanistic desire to improve the world for the next generations. Tesla is presented to us not only as a scientist and inventor, but also as a sensitive all-round artist, a kind of modern Leonardo Da Vinci, whose way of creation most often resembled Mozart's creation of music.

Nikola Tesla was also known as an outstanding presenter of his ideas, similar to Christopher Columbus with his egg or Steve Jobs in the world of computing. Thus, each chapter of the performance is marked by a different instrument, among which we can find both exotic and small futuristic instruments, such as the Tesla coil, laser harp, theremin, various sound synthesisers, home-made instruments, everyday objects and, last but not least, also a very special guest, Nao .
The performance is the work of the versatile musician Janez Dovč and combines his favourite worlds: physics and music. The common point of both, as well as the series of inventions of Nikola Tesla, is resonance, a physical phenomenon that is the basis of all musical instruments and is also crucial in the coexistence of man with his fellow man and nature.

The purpose of the musical-theatrical spectacle is not only a historical overview of the life of one of the most influential scientists, but above all the transmission of his message to his descendants, who he urges them to participate in the construction of the New World, which "will not be a world of the oppressed and humiliated, but of free people and nations , equal in dignity and respect for one's fellow man".

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Cankarjev Dom
Prešernova 10

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Admission €7.50


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