Tomaž Lavrič: Young Yeshua’s Gang

Sep 20 - Dec 3 2018       Grajska Planota 1

Palestine, the year 64 AD. Historian Zachary, a fervent member of an obscure, persecuted Jewish religious sect, collects testimonies about the life of God’s chosen one from Galilee. With the help of wine and silver coins, he succeeds in persuading the old Aaron, the last living witness of the events, to reveal to him the real story of the miracle worker Yeshua. But it is not what he would have wanted.

The New Testament is merely a set of texts written by various authors based on the oral tradition many years after the events they describe. These texts were added to, removed and changed for several centuries, until the version of the Latin Vulgate at the beginning of the fifth century and its final confirmation at the Council of Trent in 1546. But what really happened? What was the true story of the life of Yeshua, God’s chosen one, the initiator of the biggest world religion, of hardened superstitions and delusions, of embellishments and exaggerations, of political compromises and church dogmas?

An attempt at a completely atheist interpretation of the life of some messiah.



Sep 20 2018 - Dec 3 2018
Ljubljana Castle
Grajska Planota 1
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