Welcome to the In Your Pocket Directory, an A to Z list of useful addresses. Within the Directory you'll find car rental, business services, sports and much more.

24-hour pharmacies

Beauty salons

Beauty & Spas

All your spa needs - just peruse and use the drop-down menu just there on the left.


For all your business needs peruse and use the drop-down menu just there on the left.


Chambers of commerce

Interpreters & Translators

Language schools

Learn to speak another language and even to teach another language.


Real estate

Finding a small space to call your own can be tricky. Demand is high and supply is low - economists we may not be, but the effects of this seem fairly evident, even to us. Alternatively, if you're looking for office space you're definitely in a buyer's market. The Czech language classified paper Annonce publishes an accommodations issue every week. Many of the expat establishments such as laundrettes, as well as cafés and bars have notice boards where you can find private ads. Here are the main real estate agents. A complete list of agents can be found on line at


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