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Prague is aptly named the city of a hundred spires, but to the gastronomically inclined it’s also known as the city of a thousand restaurants. Prague’s cosmopolitan character is reflected by its increasingly international and excellent cuisine, although there are still plenty of tourist traps. The figures in brackets denote the approximate price of the cheapest and dearest main course on the menu.

The opening hours we list are flexible and are rough guidelines as to when you can expect the chef to be working. Most restaurants will stop cooking 30-60 minutes prior to their stated closing hours. If business is slow people will have no qualms about shutting early particularly out of season. Service in general has improved considerably, although it can still be annoying slow. Also beware of using ‘thank you’ when paying for your bill. This is often taken to mean ‘Keep the change’.
When tipping, it is customary to round up. If you really enjoyed your meal a tip of 10% is appreciated. In most restaurants, expect the server to bring the bill and wait for you to pay. When handing over your crowns, include the tip, don’t leave it on the table. If you need change back, tell the server how much you want to pay – i.e. if you are paying with a 500Kč note and you want to get back 200Kč, tell the server 300Kč.

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