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As more people discover the cities of Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia, so the things on offer for them continues to improve. From the ever-increasing standards of bars, cafés or restaurants to the ongoing-restoration the historic centre and further improvements of museums, galleries, activities and cultural venues (all thanks to EU funding), it really is a great time to visit. Back in 2000, when Gdańsk In Your Pocket first started up, the few choices made this city guide rather easy to put together. Nowadays, a new place really needs to make a mark to make it into the print guide (a copy of which you can download here) and it's made our job more of a challenge (nevertheless a fun one!) The great ones stay and some other interesting attempts come and go. Whatever the case, we are constantly updating our listings so take a look in the menu above and let us know what you think!

One of the attractions of visiting Gdańsk is that you don’t just get the city of Gdańsk. You get Sopot, Gdynia, Malbork, Frombork, the Hel Peninsula, the Kashubia region, the list goes on and on. 
The picturesque Long Waterfront (Długie Pobrzeże) in Gdańsk Old Town featuring the iconic Crane (Żuraw) on the far right.
There is a genuine sense of positivity and optimism that unites the Tri-city of Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia. The cities have enjoyed a period of growth and development and one of the most successful areas in recent years has been the tourism sector. Again, we think back to 2000 when there were considerably fewer tourists and even fewer people who had heard of Gdańsk and that it was worth visiting. But, as we know, word-of-mouth is a very effective thing - After a few visitors gave it a chance and just couldn't resist taking a few hundred selfies in Gdańsk Old Town before posting them on social media, the intrigue was set in motion and now approximately 2.5 million are passing through this fascinating and beautiful city every year! With traffic comes investment and the tourism sector just keeps on growing and growing. We can't stress enough how lucky we all are to have such a unique and vibrant city!
The colourful murals of Gdańsk Zaspa
Some of the colourful and creative murals that have brought the communist-era neighbourhood of Gdańsk Zaspa back to life!
Whilst most images point to Gdańsk Old Town and the picturesque streets and waterfronts, don't forget that there are other districts that are worthy of your time! Suburban Gdańsk Wrzeszcz is where regular-folk and students live, meaning it's the kind of place you'd be most likely to hang out in your home town. Gdańsk Oliwa is a gorgeous, leafy area with parks, a zoo, great restaurants and a cathedral with an epic church-organ that does recitals (it rocks way harder than you'd expect!). Urban culturalists should stop by Zaspa and photograph the murals! 
Oliwa Cathedral's Organ
The epic Organ in Gdańsk Oliwa Cathedral - 7,896 pipes, 110 registers and sound effects including rippling water, animal cries and human voices!  Check out the recital timetable!  Photo by Paweł Borsuk
There is now a wide choice of places that are ready and eager to serve you, the visitor. Whether you choose to visit in Summer of during the so-called 'Low-Season', there's never a shortage of quality restaurants to dine in or typically-Gdańsk things to do.  Make sure you visit our ever-increasing ‘What’s On’ section and get amongst the action of seasonal festivals and events! You can also access via our app (available on iOS and Android now).

Enjoy your stay and, if that’s your thing, follow our blog. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. Of course we're always glad to hear your thoughts on the city, the guide and whatever else on poland (at) You'll find links to all of the above and more at
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