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When the weather’s warm in Warsaw, the entire city gravitates towards the water. That means the Vistula River - the long banks of which comprise the city’s unofficial ‘19th district’ and provide a bounty of places to relax and explore, including sandy beaches, green forests, sports clubs, cycling paths, and dozens of restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

The Vistulan Boulevards in summer; (c) City of Warsaw.

Perhaps the most characteristic thing about Warsaw’s riverside is the striking dichotomy between its left and right banks. While the left bank is more sanitised, developed and urbane, the right bank has been left largely untouched and resembles a wooded nature preserve. Both have plenty to offer in terms of relaxation, exercise and entertainment, and here we list the highlights. Whether you’re looking for an escape from the noise and crowds of the capital, or the most happening party in town - you’ll find it on the riverside!

First, a few guidelines

Alcohol: When it comes to drinking in public, the river is your friend. Basically you can consume your own alcohol anywhere along the river without fear of a fine, just please clean up after yourself.

Swimming: Although the temptation is ever present, we don’t recommend getting in the water. It is neither safe, nor sanitary. If you want to actually get wet, see our suggestions here.

Fires & Grills: Most beaches in Warsaw have designated grill areas, so if you want to build a fire, go for it, just keep it contained to the designated places, please.

Natural beach on the right bank of the Vistula River in Warsaw; photo by F. Kwiatkowski, (c) City of Warsaw.

The Left (West) Bank

The Vistula Boulevards

The main gateway to the river for most Varsovians is the M2 Metro stop ‘Centrum Nauki Kopernik,’ which deposits you right on the water. When people (this guide included) refer to ‘Bulwary Wiślane’ (EN: the Vistula Boulevards) - it’s typically this stretch of the left bank on either side of the Świętokrzyski Bridge between the Śląsko-Dąbrowksi Bridge (to the north) and Poniatowski Bridge (to the south) that they’re referring to. Certainly the busiest and most developed section of the river, there are many attractions that make this area essential for taking a stroll, not least of which are all the other people about.

Hop off the Metro right at the river via the 'Centrum Nauki Kopernik' stop; photo by Ł. Kopec, (c) City of Warsaw.

Head north from the Metro to see one of the Warsaw Mermaid sculptures, the Copernicus Science Centre, Museum on the Vistula and University Rooftop Gardens. The areas between all of these cultural sites are filled with parks, gardens and public spaces that are a pleasure to spend time in. There are plenty of benches and stairs to relax on, and of course numerous cafes, bars, restaurants, ice cream stands, food trucks and river barges where you can find great food and refreshments. The Copernicus Science Centre has a rooftop garden, and frequently organises outdoor workshops and activities for kids, as well as a free summer cinema. Just beyond the colourful pavilion of the Museum on the Vistula you’ll find a sand-covered section of the boulevard for kids to play and parents to sunbathe. In the evening check out Przystań Nowa Fala - a popular two-level riverbarge with food, drinks and DJ parties parked right in front of the museum, or simply listen to the music and feel the vibes from the boulevard. Similarly, just south of the Metro, BarKa is another popular barge that hosts gigs and guest DJs and is regularly mobbed with partiers, creating an entire scene in its extended orbit on that part of the riverbank.

Partying on the Vistula riverbanks at BarKa.

Płyta Desantu Beach

About 2km south of Copernicus Science Centre you’ll find this small left-bank beach near Śmigłego-Rydza Park. This area feels like a mini summer festival, with two bars right on the sand - Pomost 511 and Fala-Pawilon nad Wisła, and a third - Grunt i Woda - just metres away. Together they make this part of the riverbank a more laid back and less pretentious alternative to the boulevards further north. By day, chill out on the sand, have a grill, hit up the food trucks, rent a kayak or catch the ferry over to Saska Kępa. Grunt i Woda has a particularly family-friendly vibe during the day and even organises occasional activities for kids. In the evenings, the crowds (and mosquitos) start to pick up and concerts, films and even theatre shows are common, as are silent discos and barefoot dance parties on the sand as DJs do their thing.

Pomost 511, photo (c) City of Warsaw.

Czerniakowski Port & Promontory

Just south of the beach at Płyta Desantu is the entrance to Port Czerniakowski, which provides a sheltering harbour and marina for private boats, and a cycling/pedestrian bridge that connects it to Czerniakowski Promontory (Cypel Czerniakowski) - a long headland that hosts the Miami Wars riverside hangout and the massive Monta Beach Volleyball Club further down. The former is perfect for a picnic or cycling pitstop, while the latter is a very professional facility with 10 proper courts, a cafe, restaurant and sauna; if you want to recreate the homoerotic beach volleyball scene from Top Gun, you won’t find a better place in Warsaw. In this area you can also rent motorboats, paddleboards from SUP Academy, take a river cruise or catch the ferry to Saska Kępa beach.

The Right (East) Bank

Saska Kępa Beach

This small, wild, natural beach is a good option if you just want to escape urbanity, though it can still be quite popular on hot days. Infrastructure is limited to a few grill areas, swings and a neglected playground, though there is a place to rent kayaks nearby. The free ferry goes directly here, making it easy to get to.


Further north, and directly between the Saska Kępa and Poniatowska beaches you’ll find this weekend fun park for adults. One of the most unique and ambitious places in Warsaw, the huge Lunapark complex isn’t directly on the river, but hidden in the forest close to it. Combining clubbing, street food, sports and recreation, the concept is that of an unhinged, uninhibited amusement park, and it's the brainchild of the organisers of the legendary Nocny Market. Here you’ll find plenty of space for hanging out, the outdoor stage of the Hocki Klocki club - where DJs lead dance parties under the stars, the giant candy-striped circus tent of the Wata Cukrowa (Cotton Candy) club, dozens of street food stalls, several additional bars, art installations, a carousel, arcade games, amusements and more. There is also an outdoor pool complex right next door, making this the perfect party place after taking a dip. Roll up, roll up!

Poniatówka Beach

The largest and most popular urban beach in Poland, if not Europe, located right under the National Stadium, with free ferry service straight onto the sand from Powiśle. As such you’ll find quite a bit of infrastructure at this one, including food, bars, ice cream, badminton and volleyball courts, a playground, designated barbecue areas, water equipment rental, sunbeds, hammocks and more. A good choice if you want to people-watch, sunbathe or DIY party with the locals after sunset. Filled with volleyballers, frisbee hounds, sunbathing beauty queens and every manner of beach bum and hipster one could possibly imagine, this side of the river also offers stunning views of downtown Warsaw. Lounging on a beach towel, sipping a cold drink in the middle of a huge city is a sublimely surreal experience that we highly recommend.

Poniatówka Beach; (c) CIty of Warsaw.

Praga Beach & La Playa

Known as the ‘Rusałka Beach,’ ‘Praga District Beach,’ ‘Zoo Beach’ or even 'the beach at La Playa' thanks to the famous riverside fun club behind it, this sandy pitch across from the Old Town and metres from the Zoo is more of a wild beach, but does have designated areas for grilling and wicker gazebos. Bring the kids after a trip to the zoo, or rage hard at La Playa and come down to the water for a breather. The daytime views of the Old Town are great, but at night…just, wow. Nearby is a playground and also a ropes park with courses for kids and adults. Probably the most celebrated beach club in the capital, La Playa features several bars, a covered outdoor stage, plenty of deck chairs and distinctly Latin vibes, enhanced by weekend DJs who draw in the samba and salsa crowd to crash the dancefloor. There are also areas for beach volleyball, badminton, frisbee and boules, and you can borrow equipment from the bar. The ferry runs directly from here to the Multimedia Fountain Park, which is a great way to end the evening, if you aren’t up for dancing the night away on the beach.

View of the Old Town from Praga Beach.

Warsaw River Ferries

If you really want to explore the breadth of Warsaw’s waterfront, the best way to do it is by getting on a bicycle and using the city’s many lovely riverside cycling paths and bridges. You can also take advantage of the city’s free ferry service, which provides a more scenic way to get across the river and hit the beach. These crossings are incredibly popular and limited space often means waiting in queues to board what would otherwise be a quick 5min trip. The routes are as follows, and you can even take your bike on board:

The 'Wilga' runs from the Vistula Boulevards in front of the Multimedia Fountain to Praga Beach.
The 'Pliszka' runs from Poniatowski Bridge to Poniatówka Beach in front of the National Stadium.
The 'Słonka' runs from the floating pier at Czerniakowski Promontory to Saska Kępa Beach.

Ferries run daily in July & August, weekends and holidays only in May, June & Sept: Mon-Fri 12:30-19:15, Sat-Sun 09:00-20:00.

The 'Słonka; ferry between Saska Kępa and Płyta Desantu Beach.

Warsaw's Best Riverside Activities, Hangouts & Beach Bars

Przystań Nowa Fala

Bulwar Gen. George'a Smitha Pattona


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