Earth Song – Group exhibition at Artyli

Nov 5 - Dec 8 2022       Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton Central
Earth Song is a new exhibition from Artyli at Nelson Mandela Square, that brings together the works of artists Ingrid UysJohn MooreSally Whines and Love Art Ceramics who all choose nature as their subject, and draw deep inspiration from it. Each artist focuses on nature in different ways, and this exhibition highlights sustainability, our interconnectedness with the natural world, and the beauty and importance of nature.
In a blink, Ingrid Uys

“My work invites the viewer to experience a moment captured in time. And in doing so, hopefully, creates an awareness of the fragility of time, how precious every second can be, how a single moment can leave a lasting effect, change our perception, change our life.” - Ingrid Uys

Ingrid Uys is known for her detailed paintings of birds in flight and has been fascinated by the natural world since she was a child. Her paintings of hummingbirds in flight are particularly captivating, and with them she is able to capture a fleeting moment. She sees this as the primary message in her paintings, that time is fragile and momentary and as a result, we should appreciate each moment as it is. By capturing the delicate wingbeat of the hummingbird her works also highlight the temporary nature of things around us and the importance of us preserving them.

Sally Whines is a Johannesburg-based painter who creates vivid portraits that blend the natural and human worlds into one. Her work focuses on the interconnectedness of the world and seeks to bring attention to our reliance on the natural world and the fact that we are not separate from it. By recognising and affirming these connections she believes we will not only be better able to preserve our natural world but will experience greater mental and spiritual wellness. Her paintings seek to highlight this by interweaving different animals, textures and colours. She is not afraid to use colour and her works are vibrantly alive with her bold palette choices.

Questioning head, what does it mean to evolve?, Sally Whines

John Moore creates incredibly detailed etchings, lino cuts and lithographs while also working in pastels and crayons. As a young boy he was always fascinated by South African wildlife and this has carried over to his artistic career. With a careful focus on patterns, he captures the different qualities of animals' fur, scales or feathers. He undercuts the realism of his work by playing with the relationships between animals. He currently sees his work as highlighting the importance of conserving the natural world, and he aims to bring attention to the precarious state of nature, caused by humans. 

Love Art Ceramics are inspired by South Africa’s diverse fauna and flora. Their ceramics take inspiration from the patterns and colours found in the natural world. They create complex ceramic pieces that pay tribute to the world around us.

While the artists focus on nature in different ways, they are united by a shared love for the natural world and a concern for its future. See the works at Artyli from Sat, Oct 29.

The exhibition opens Sat, Nov 5 at 14:00 with a sound performance by Daniel Stompie Selibe.



Nov 5 2022 - Dec 8 2022 at Nelson Mandela Square
Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton Central

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