Lady Skollie: 'Groot Gat' at the Standard Bank Gallery

Oct 6 - Dec 14 2023       Cnr Simmonds and Frederick Sts, City Centre
An art force to be reckoned with, Lady Skollie (Laura Windvogel-Molefi) was the 2022 Standard Bank Young Artist for Visual Arts. Her solo show Groot Gat, which debuted at this year’s National Arts Festival in Makhanda, is now in Joburg for an extended run at the Standard Bank Gallery, in partnership with gallery Everard Read

Groot Gat is Afrikaans for 'great hole' and is part of Skollie's ongoing aim of addressing the erasure of indigenous culture in Africa. In particular, the work of Coex’ae Qgam, also known as Dada, has deeply influenced Skollie's own. This Botswana artist and storyteller was a member of the Ncoakhoe people, speakers of the Naro language; her paintings are an important chronicle of her people's connection to the land, their spirituality as well as their daily lives. 
Lady Skollie 'Groot Gat' at Standard Bank Gallery
Lady Skollie's touching portrait of Coex’ae Qgam, or Dada, now showing at the Standard Bank Gallery. Photo: Everard Read.

The show's title points to its central inspiration: Boesmansgat ('Bushman's Hole'), a submerged freshwater cave in the Northern Cape. Historically, this deep body of water served as a well and fishing hole for the indigenous community, but was later expropriated by colonisers. Today, this largely unused sink hole is known mainly as a free-diving destination. Skollie draws on the metaphor of this hole to speak to the void of forgotten histories and the complexity of brown identities in South Africa.

Skollie's vibrant, imaginative work picks up where Qgam and other forgotten San, Khoi and Griqua artists left off; carrying their legacy into the present day and giving a voice to the spirits of their lost art. Her paintings celebrate indigenous South African people, their creativity, resilience, wisdom and heart, and foster a deeper appreciation for the rich beauty of a culture that was carelessly interrupted and has for too long been ignored. Listen to Skollie discuss Groot Gat below.



Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 08:00 – 16:30, Sat 09:00 – 13:00, Closed Sun. Oct 6 2023 - Dec 14 2023
Standard Bank Gallery
Cnr Simmonds and Frederick Sts, City Centre
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