What the Freelance - Mini-MBA for Freelancers

Monday Aug 17 - Friday Aug 21    
With the global economy and the way in which we live our daily lives now completely turned on its ahead by the pandemic, there's never been a better and more important time to start thinking about upskilling and looking for new ways of doing things. 

The why and the way in which we work has been changing over the past few years, but within the space of just 30 days everything we thought we knew became out-dated and in some instances, obsolete. Flexibility is now more valued than ever, workforces are being decentralised and there is a growing demand for freelance services that can plug the gap for fast, digitally-savvy, on-demand workers that can meet ever-changing needs.

Brent Spilkin, know by most simply as Spillly, is a published business coach whose 20-year career has included long periods working in distribution and redevelopment in the Joburg inner city. He now gets his kicks from helping creative individuals grow their businesses by taking them through his Business Coaching methodology.

The Mini-MBA for freelancers is packed with insightful and essential practical knowledge for making a freelance business a success, such as the basics of book-keeping and managing reports, creating and tracking strategies and refining business goals, mastering sales and marketing for beginners, as well as looking at systems that you will need to integrate into a successful freelance business such as CRM, time-keeping and understanding procurement relationships

What's included in the course

The next Mini-MBA for Freelancers course is running from August 17-21 with live classes on Zoom. The course includes:

– five engaging modules spanning 10 hours of content and roughly two hours of practical strategic work to be done by you
– 15 worksheets and templates to use as practical tools to jump-start your business strategy
– a copy of Spillly's acclaimed book What The Freelance (worth R280)
– a one-week membership of Perch Flexible Offices in Johannesburg or The Sett in Durban which you can use as a quiet and fully equipped temporary office space to start putting your new business skills into practice.

The one week course cost R1,400. Register for the course here.


Aug 17 2020 - Aug 21 2020
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