Eroticism in Polish Posters

Thursday Sep 20 - Sunday Oct 14       ul. Focha 1 (Hotel Cracovia)
Nudity in today's world is treated as something to be ashamed of and to be hidden, but not in the art world. Eroticism and nudity have been included in everything from pop culture imagery to religious paintings from the renaissance. Nudity in Polish poster design has been used as a metaphoric and symbolic tool. During the 50s, 60s, and 70s, nudity was used as a way to beat the communist censors. Various poses, a bitten lip, breast size, or direction the subject faced could all be used to hide an anticommunist tone. The body was used just like today to draw the viewer in, but also to distract the censors from noticing the true message of the art. This exhibition will be a collection of these posters that while both erotic and sensual, served a purpose completely unrelated to the subject material. 



Open 14:30-18:30. Closed Mon, Sun. Sep 20 2018 - Oct 14 2018
Dydo Poster Gallery
ul. Focha 1 (Hotel Cracovia)
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