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We don’t like to boast, but we will:

We wholeheartedly believe that Kraków In Your Pocket is the best guide to Kraków and the surrounding Małopolska region on the market. In print since 1999 and written in a witty, impartial and informative style, here online you'll find almost limitless amounts of info on what to see and do while in town, plus all the history and cultural background you could possibly wish for. Best of all, the information we give on our online travel portal is consistently researched and constantly updated so that it is as current and accurate as we can possibly make it while still attending most family events and getting at least four hours of sleep per night on average.

Even more importantly, the editorial content of In Your Pocket guides is completely subjective and independent of paid-for editorial or sponsored listings. Contrary to urban myth, IYP writers do not accept free meals, sexual favours, first-born children or other industry 'benefits' in return for favourable reviews, and we reserve the right to say whatever we damn well please about the venues listed in our guides, regardless of disagreement from partner organisations, venue owners or the general public.

Our editors do everything in their power to ensure and maintain the accuracy of the information imparted here. That said, it’s a tall order, and IYP assumes no responsibility for errors, American spellings, poor service, unplanned pregnancies, disappointing meals or terrible hangovers experienced by our readers.

Kraków In Your Pocket is available in several formats:

Buy a print copy of the latest Kraków In Your Pocket City Guide.

Our print edition is designed to provide you with all the ideas, inspiration and info you need to explore Kraków on your own, stay offline and truly connect with your surroundings. The most recent edition can be ordered from our online shop and then mailed to your address or picked up in Kraków at Poland IYP headquarters:
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Download a free pdf of the latest Kraków In Your Pocket City Map.

Our foldable, pocket-sized City Maps distill Kraków down to the very best places to See, Eat, Drink, Shop and Explore. These maps are available for free digital download online, and widely available around Kraków at select hotels and tourist information points (while supllies last).

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On our Issuu page you can browse all of our current and former editions of Poland In Your Pocket City Guides, City Maps and Region Maps.

Explore our online guides.

If you dig our Krakow guide, check out our guides to Warsaw, Wrocław, Gdańsk, Łódź, Poznań, Katowice, Tarnów and all the other Polish cities and regions under our loving scrutiny, or any of the over 100 additional cities covered by In Your Pocket.

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About our Editor

IYP inmate no. 19817-215

A native of Bucks County, Pennsylvania (USA), Garrett Van Reed has been living in and writing about Kraków ever since first stranding himself in the city back in 2006. A culture and history buff with a keen sense of the absurd which surrounds him, he remains fascinated by his adopted city and dedicated to exploring its every aspect, unpacking its complex history and introducing its best attributes to those who visit. He particularly enjoys beer gardens, wild places, abandoned areas, Arctic literature and staying up all night. He has a serious man-crush on Tadeusz Kościuszko, and despises pigeons. A country boy at heart, his idea of the perfect travel destination is anywhere with rocks, sticks and a body of water. He lives with his partner, Gosia, their two kids and two cats in Podgórze, which he claims is the absolute best part of the city for exactly five months of the year; for the other seven he prefers Stary Port.

Read all of Garrett's current top picks and recommendations here.

Write to him at garrett.vanreed (at), or follow him @your loss, because he's not on that platform, whatever it is.

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