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If you believe urban legend (like we do) Kraków has the highest density of bars in the world. Simply hundreds of bars can be found in cellars and courtyards stretching from the Old Town to Kazimierz and beyond.

Keeping them open, of course, are the thousands of tourists that flock to Kraków every year, and with higher tourism comes higher prices: expect to pay about 10zł (2.35 Euros) for a large lager these days, and up to 15zl (3.5 Euros) for a craft beer. The opening hours we list are flexible; basically if people are drinking, the barman is pouring.

For clubbing, the main hedonist high streets are Floriańska and Szewska, where nary a medieval cellar will be left unthronged by sexed-up students on a Friday or Saturday night; you can also expect most clubs to charge a cover of anywhere from 5-20zł those nights. While the opening hours we list here are confirmed by the venues themselves, most are rather flexible; basically if people are drinking, the barman is pouring.

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