Pop-Art After the Holocaust

Oct 26 - Feb 3 2019       ul. Lipowa 4
Boris Lurie is a Jewish American born in St. Petersburg. Spending his childhood in Riga he was a victim of the Nazi regimes forced migration of Jews from the area. His grandmother, mother, and sister were executed in the forests outside the city, while he and his father were transported to the concentration camps of both Stutthof and Buchenwald. After being liberated by American soldiers, they both moved to the United States where he lived the rest of his life in New York. A visual artist, his work would usually centre on political, social, and anti-pop art themes. Resulting from the effects of the mental tragedy of the holocaust he experienced as a teenager his art became a kind of therapy for the traumas he had lived through. Dominating most of his work had a connection to these horrible images that were stuck in his head. Motifs appearing in his works are concentration camp photos, the Star of David, photographs of pin-up girls, and the word "no". 



Open 11:00-19:00. Oct 26 2018 - Feb 3 2019
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Admission 14/7zł, Tue free

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