TA | Anne Seagrave | Involved

May 19 - Jun 19 2017    
<p>This inaugural exhibit of the new cultural institution TA Feminist Gallery (ul. Basztowa 4/1) presents works by Irish performance artist Anne Seagrave. In coordination with Kraków Photo Fringe, the exhibit includes a 30-minute documentary about the feminist artist, known for her use of her own body as an artistic object. 'Jamias Vu' - a highly physical choreographed performance, which was shown in independent art spaces all over the world between 2005-2007, will also be presented. There will be a meeting with Seagrave, who now lives in Kraków, on May 27th at 20:00; among the topics of discussion will be her use and exploitation of her own image, body and sexuality in her art, and the idea of feminism as a medium.</p>



May 19 2017 - Jun 19 2017
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