Whether you’re visiting Ljubljana for business or pleasure, the following pages should provide you with the contacts you need. If you can’t find it anywhere else then it’s probably here.

Real Estate

If you’re thinking about doing more than just coming to Ljubljana for a brief visit you’ll be pleased to know that, unlike the wild excesses of London for example, living in the Slovene capital remains relatively affordable. Renting is widespread and there are plenty of reputable companies specialising in the rental business with portfolio options ranging from unfurnished flats in the suburbs to luxury apartments with views Ljubljana Castle. On the subject of buying a place, prices vary wildly depending primarily on location. With the exception of the lucky few, prices in the Old Town are not surprisingly somewhat astronomically high, although the further you move away from the centre the more friendly the price becomes. After stabilising in 2015, real estate prices are once again on the increase, meaning it’s not the best time to buy if you’re looking at retiring in the city, but the news might be welcome for those looking for a short-term investment. Ljubljana features some highly recommended real estate companies, and unless you have good and/or knowledgeable friends in the city, we recommend you use one for all transactions.



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Radio Stations

Ljubljana's radio stations run the gamut from pop, dance and hip hop to traditional Slovene and classical, not to mention countless news and talk programmes.

Relocation Companies

Shoe Repair

Tax Refund

Translators & Interpreters

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