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Thursday Sep 19       Trg Prekomorskih Brigad 3
If you've never heard of Jon Hopkins, but are a fan of electronic music in any way, shape or form, do yourself and your loved ones a favour and buy some tickets to see Jon Hopkins at at Kino Šiška on 19 September. For our money his Immunity, from 2013, is one of the best albums of the millennia of any genre. The first half is the perfect soundtrack for driving a rental car excessively fast around Slovenia's many well-paved alpine roads (and even some of the unpaved ones, as long as the rental company never finds out), while the second half is just about the best audio accompaniment we can think of for staring wistfully out the window of a plane cruising above the clouds at 39,000 feet with the sun shining in and casting beautiful shadows on your bourbon and coke, for example. His follow up album, Singularity from 2018, is ... well, it's perfectly okay, it's just fine in fact, but we're still hoping that it might grow on us.

Anyway, now that that's settled, here's some more informative, and less rambling, text from Kino Šiška:

Famed British producer Jon Hopkins, whose albums such as Immunity and Singularity are regarded as contemporary electronic music classics, will honour our 10th anniversary with an exclusive DJ set, the likes of which have previously wowed crowds at festivals such as Dimensions and Primavera Sound.

Jon Hopkins, the star producer, who has collaborated with Brian Eno, Imogen Heap, The Necks and Coldplay during his career and was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2018, is one of the biggest names in contemporary electronic music – and one of those acts you repeatedly ask us to bring over. His lush, soothing arrangements easily transcend genres, and his pulsing beats and deep bass keep the dancefloor going tirelessly.

In 2018, Hopkins released his fifth album, Singularity, to universal acclaim, as befits the successor to the masterpiece Immunity, which climbed to the top of best-of-2013 charts all over the world. With his DJ set, a carefully curated selection of his own and others’ material, Hopkins has played the Boiler Room and at festivals such as Dekmantel, Dimensions and Primavera Sound. In September, he’ll keep us dancing late into the night as part of the celebration of our 10th anniversary.

We’ll warm up with sonic master Miha Šajina alias Shekuza, the keyboard player for the bands Moveknowledgement and EWOK, who nowadays spends most of his time on modular sound synthesis. His recently released debut De Sica is just the overture to his coming improvised performance in a hybrid merger with classical acoustic percussionist Marko Jugovic, with visual support by Lina Rica.



Sep 19 2019
Kino Šiška
Trg Prekomorskih Brigad 3
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