Laibach: Liberty Leads the People

Jul 1 - Nov 1 2020       Grajska Planota 1
Exhibition of Laibach Posters 1980 - 2020, Ljubljana Castle, Gallery S

Not everyone is aware of the fact that since its founding in 1980, Laibach has been creating visual art works, including posters, paintings, woodcuts, installations, videos, performances and artistic magazine projects. These works are referred to as Laibach Kunst.

Laibach Kunst is marked by a unique creative retro-avant-garde principle, created by a complex intertwining of a new image of neo-expressionism, post-conceptual practices, a punk do-it-yourself way of working and Heartfield collage. It is from this dangerous mixture that the specific Laibach visual expression has grown, based on the explosive appropriation of popular images belonging to various cultural contexts  often with conflicting ideologies, such as the cross, a cup of coffee, a metalworker, a deer, a drummer and others.

Read more about the event on Ljubljana Castle's official webpage.

Text and photos courtesy of Ljubljana Castle / Laibach.

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