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The heart of Zagreb has a smorgasbord of famous world and Croatian designer clothes. Simply doddle off to Ilica and Tkalčićeva Streets and you’ll find many labels. When you’re in the vicinity of the Flower Square, head down to Centar Cvjetni. For those who prefer shopping centres there is Kaptol Centre at Nova Ves 11. A day out in town cannot go without a sneak preview or taste of some local delicacies and a visit to a gift or antique store which can be found on our listings. In addition, if you pop outside of the city centre, Arena Centar (H-5, Ulica Vice Vukova 6) is a great shopping destination with all sorts of goodies and entertainment. Other shopping centres are in Jankomir, Žitnjak, Dubrava and Sesvete.

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Shopping Malls

A woman’s fetish isn’t far away as the heart of Zagreb and its outskirts is full of shopping centres. Each centre can be reached by tram or bus with the Kaptol Centre and Centar Cvjetni walking distance from the main square. The bigger centres require public transport and include Avenue Mall in Novi Zagreb, Arena Centre in Lanište, City Centre One West in Jankomir, Point Shopping Centre in Vrbani, City Centre One East in Žitnjak, and Garden Mall in Dubrava. What else can we say but, 'shop till you drop'!


Art galleries


Flower shops

Try Dolac for the best selection of simple garden varieties. If you want something fancy for that certain special someone, head to Cvjetni trg (“Flower Square”), where you can find prettily presented bouquets. Flower design is amazingly sophisticated in this part of the world, and if you visit one of the florists below, you can find truly stunning modern and classical arrangements.


A good old vinyl

Art Attack

This city is exquisitely artistically motivated, a certain result of the various conflicts of recent decades and the new freedom of the newly independent and democratic political climate. The outlets are richly varied: fashion, performance, crafts, literature, photography, music, design, and dance are all making extremely strong showings, with an emphasis on modern and alternative themes. The youth culture is a very creative and active one indeed, and we are predicting that the city will soon become known as a prime destination for the artistically curious among us.

5 Museum Shop Finds

Croatian creations

Croatian design

Croatian designers



Bartering is recommended in the jewellery stores you walk into around town, a practice seldom utilized anywhere else. You're likely to save yourself at least the expense of the local tax, and perhaps a little more. A massive number of jewellery shops can be found immediately surrounding Trg bana Jelačića.


Support Local Artists

In the two interviews below, we will present to you shoe designer Anita Zannotti Štulec, from the well-known brand a shoo. As well as, the academic sculptor Silvio Hrnčir, a jewelry designer. If you're looking for interesting and unique shoes or necklaces support these two local artists and their work. Visit them at a shoo shoe shop on Martićeva Street 19 or
at Lapidarium - Zlatarna Mario on Radićeva Street 10.


Home comforts




More style for less cash

Natural Cosmetics

Quirky Stores

Specialty Stores

Wine Shops

The Watchmakers of Zagreb

Affordable Art

Great and affordable artwork with prices ranging from 20 to 150 euros.

Croatian products On-line

The number of online stores are growing by the day and we have pinpointed a select few based on their offer and quality which represent the best Croatia has to offer.

Global Fashion

Grill Time


Vegetarian Stores

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