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Night Tram
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Public transport

If you are looking at value for money then you simply cannot go passed the ZET Value Card. This gem of a pocket sized card works via a top-up system, as soon as you add money to your card it is ready for use, a minimum amount of 10kn is needed to activate the card and the maximum amount peaks at 1000kn. An added bonus is that by using this card a travel ride costs a mere 10kn, and that is the best price in town. The ZET value card can be used across all zones and lines and as an added bonus, it is transferable to other users. Where can you get your hands on this ZET Value Card? It can be purchased at all ZET shops and partner kiosks (Tisak). By purchasing at these places you can choose the amount you wish to credit your card with. So what happens once you have entered a ZET bus or train? Be kind to the elderly passengers and offer a seat of course, but before that be sure to place your card onto the ticket machine and the amount of money will automatically be deducted at the relevant transport rate for one zone and one person. To make matters all the more easier, the option for English is available before the entire process begins. To start with, simply choose the zone and the number of passengers you wish to pay for, then place the value card onto the machine and once the transaction has been completed, the text ekarta uspješno kupljena will appear, as well as the full purchase amount and the expiry time. Now you are right at home! This procedure is the same for all zones. The entire city of Zagreb is in the first zone (includes all tram lines and the funicular) but if you use the bus ask the driver for how many zones you have to pay for transportation. If you wish to purchase a daily ticket (30kn), then choose the dnevna karta option and repeat the above procedure. Once you receive your ekarta uspješno kupljena, 30kn, you’re done. And how can you find out your balance? Place your value card onto the machine and choose the option ‘i’. So we wish you a safe and enjoyable ride on your ZET journeys!


Car rental

Rent-a-car offices are located at airports and within the city's large hotels (e.g., Sheraton, Panorama, Westin,...) or within their immediate vicinity. Prices per day for an economy or compact car class ranges from 250 to 550 kn. In order to rent a four wheeled vehicle, you need to have a credit card and be 18 years old (by law). If a problem occurs on the road, first call your rent-a-car contact number, then the HAK roadside assistance service at (+385) 1987.



Why not swap that four-wheeler for a two-wheeler? In what is becoming somewhat of a common trend, more and more locals have thought wisely and have begun to choose the ecological route to town. Even though bike routes haven't fully been mapped, roads are marked for cyclists with either red paint or are separated from the main road by yellow and white lines. Markings are very visible and clear to both bike riders and car drivers. If you would like to rent a bike (daily rental will cost 100kn), visit any of the following,, For those seeking a recreational ride, then Maksimir, Bundek and Jarun are the ideal locations. True cycling enthusiasts who wish to be challenged should know that the city surroundings are filled with alternative bicycle routes that range in various levels of degree as well as different types of surface. For all other information and maps, visit the Zagreb Tourist Association and,

Bicycle rental

Petrol stations 0-24

Ina Dubrava, M-1, Dankovečka 2, tel. (+385-) 091 497 13 39.
Ina Heinzelova, K-3, Ulica Vjekoslava Heinzela 63, tel. (+385-) 091 497 13 44.
Ina Jagićeva, A-3, Ulica Vatroslava Jagića 31a, tel. (+385-) 091 497 13 48.
Ina Langov trg, D-2, Trg Josipa Langa 13, tel. (+385-) 091 497 13 51.
Ina Špansko, F-4, Zagrebačka avenija 102, tel. (+385-) 091 497 13 62.
Ina Miramarska, C-4, Miramarska 25, tel. (+385-) 091 497 13 56.

Street smarts

Due to the nature of Croatian grammar street names are often conjugated causing their endings to change. In this guide we refer to street names as you will see them written on signs. Do be aware that Trg Petra Preradovića sometimes is called Cvjetni trg (Flower Square) by the locals. We use the following Croatian words in this guide.

ulica - street
stube - staircase
put - way
prolaz - passage
trg - square
most - bridge
avenija - avenue
cesta - highway

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