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Baby changing facilities
Of course you can always change the baby on any bench, but given the weather or your own sense of comfort, you can look for the following places. Changers with all the necessary equipment in the form of diapers and wet wipes can be found in the DM Center Cvjetni, DM at the corner of Ilica and Tomićeva and of Ilica and Medulićeva respectively. Special rooms for mothers with young children with changers are provided by each mall outside the city center.

Breastfeeding benches
As for breastfeeding, it is not uncommon to see women breastfeeding their little ones, usually covered with a breastfeeding scarf, on the park bench or on the terrace of the café, but the city of Zagreb has also set up five benches to encourage breastfeeding in the following locations:
Health Center Zagreb - West, Prilaz Barona Filipovića 11, Ulica Lavoslava Švarca, right next to the children's playground, Park Stara Trešnjevka 1 (in the children's park itself), Terminal Črnomerec in Children's Park and Children's playground on Tin Ujević Street between Nos. 11 and 13 on Knežija.

Rental of baby and toddler equipment for up to 5 years
The idea of is to make an order for your baby equipment rental online and pre-book some of the equipment your family needs. You can rent a crib, play nursery, feeding chair, stroller, car seat, running cart, bicycle stroller, bike seat, swing, toys, baby monitors…  Similar provided also by or

Zagreb’s public transportation system is called ZET, short for Zagrebački Električni Tramvaj. It is made up primarily of buses and trams that zig zag throughout the city and extend beyond to neighboring cities. It is important to know that with strollers you can enter newer trams and buses, those low floors that allow you to enter the tram yourself and that have space provided for strollers. With older trams, this could be difficult without someone's help, because of the handles at the entrances to the tram that make it impossible to enter the trolley and also do not have space for the trolley.
Plus Zagreb is a very walkable city, so one could easily live or visit without a car. There is also u Funicular that takes you to the Upper Town. Trams and buses run 24 hours a day, although not all lines run all the time. Up to 7 years free of charge, after that kids pay the normal ticket price which varies from 4 to 15kn.

Of course, one can always take a taxi if a child is not in the mood for public transportation and taxi services work well in Zagreb. Most find the taxis to be relatively inexpensive when compared to other major cities. Drivers are courteous more or less. There are several Taxi companies in Zagreb - Zagreb Radio Taxi, Uber, Eko Taxi, Cameo Taxi, etc. All of them have their apps where you might get a free ride or a discount on your first ride. If you want to secure a taxi ride with a car seat, you must ask for it in advance, which may delay the arrival time of the taxi.

Hopefully you won't need this, but…

Klaić's Hospital 
Children’s Hospital Zagreb, often called “Dječja bolnica” or “Klaićeva” is a central and unique care institution for children and adolescents in Croatia (up to the age of 18 years). Located in central Zagreb (Klaićeva Street), close to the national theatre. Emergency admission 24/7. However, the hospital doesn't have its own parking.

KBC Zagreb Unified Emergency Hospital Reception acts as a central emergency admission unit that integrates all medical specialties except emergency psychiatry and emergency pediatrics, but includes pediatric surgery (most commonly traumatology), ophthalmology and otolaryngology. Emergency service at the Unified Emergency Hospital Admission is organized from 0 to 24 hours. 01 2367 408,  01 2367 414

Free water drink
If your child gets thirsty in the city center, it is always pleasant and sometimes quite fun for children to quench thirst at public faucet boxes that you can find at Britanac, Cvjetni trg and Zrinjevac for example.

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