Bamboo Club

  Str. Caroteni 11 ,   Floreasca          (+4) 0723 22 62 66     03 May 2020
Romania's original super club. Quite frankly, until you have been to Bamboo you haven't been on a proper night out in Bucharest. No small amount of money has been invested in creating a club which is quite simply something else, and really has to be seen to be believed. The latest addition is an amazing new stage designed by the same team behind the stage at the Moulin Rouge. It's always packed with a very good mix of people (including plenty of foreigners: it is renowned far and wide). It is certainly not just for the rich and famous, as others may have you believe. Indeed, given the quality of the place prices are more than decent. Always puts on loads of good live entertainment, including international acts from around the world, a touch of cabaret and plenty of seriously sexy dancers. A Bucharest must.


Guarded parking


Open 23:00 - 05:00. Closed Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Sun.


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Ray Isaacs

Best club in Romania one of the best in Europe animation team is world class (Luiza I luv U) Joshua is a great host DJ's always rock da house i'm always treated very well when i'm there check out the outdoor pool & lounge in the summer... Beautiful people Beautiful atmosphere Always fun times...

Insane nightlife- pretty fuckin cheap aswell. LOVE IT! people know how to party here )

Really... this club is great ! The interior is awesome the floor is clean and the music is good. It's not the best club I've been to but it surely is fun.And really why are you all saying it's expensive?! It's cheap as hell... I had a parking spot right in front a table was only 300 and the drinks food are just a joke. People really there are much more expensive clubs in the world than this. Try Les Caves Du Roy in St. Tropez then talk again.

Bamboo is an amazing club and reminds me of a Vegas nightclub. It's expensive, but worth every penny. Dress to impress! I had a great time there on my birthday. I even danced on stage. AWESOME!

I think this club is fucking amazing! Yes, expensive, but if you don't have the right money just go somewhere else, or stay home. Everybody knows how this place is before they get in. Yes, women are beautiful and they are looking for fun. Most of them are not prostitutes, but if they can find a dumb enough guy to pay for their pleasures, why not? Wouldn't men do the same? I have a feeling that you "men" that keep talking about the quality of the girls in Bamboo are either old and bald or pretty cheap and very offended that no "prostitute" gives a s*** on you. Anyway, you like it or not, this place is full every weekend and it's ROCKING! And whenever I'll go back to Bucharest, it'll be a pleasure to go back there.

All this hypocrite backpacker bullshit about Romanian girls is tiring you know. This is the way it works.. Live with it or stay on Goa you hippies.
Global Geezer UK

Wow!! this place is super-cool. I travel all over the world and this place is in my top 5. Look who cares if Bucharest is a shit-hole! the women are sexy and act like women. Try clubbing in the UK ugly women pissing in the streets and fighting. Even the gangsters/mafia act cool, trust me these guys are the real deal, I love this place

I think Bamboo is cheap as chips. Only costs about 50lei to enter so expect lots of peasants in FAKE designer clothing, and the beer is cheap shitty Italian rubbish Peroni. Again the beer is cheap at only 15 lei, so again you can expect to be rubbing shoulders with peasants in FAKE designer clothing!

Can they shag my bamboo?I mean damn it is all good but the place is nothing but one of those "pretty-high-ranked" clubs out there in major cities in the world. In bucharest, definitely one of the place to enjoy - I see many faggots and dumb asses trying hard to be protective but dude just stop envyin, make money and try to be there so that you can be a good security guard not gettin paid but paying for entrance hommie - haters always are on the haters side and gets no props -

Newbie Cruising in RO - not all girls have their price in RO u know. The Bamboo has established such a reputation - and most of it is true, but if that's not what you're looking for then don't go there! It's as simple as that. I do believe there are places like that in every major city in the world. That doesn't mean it reflects the way things spin around here. Hundreds of other clubs to choose from..
Newbie Cruising in RO

All women in Romania are materialistic and opportunists. No one is generalizing here and its no secret all girls have got their price and each and everyone can be bought here. Girls go to Bamboo to get picked and shagged. X-Bucharest, do a spell check before you write and stop pretending you know english and just write in your own bleeding language. Fagot!
ronni3 b.

i saw dan chisu there!


Bamboo Club is a place for "unofficial prostitutes", good looking girls selling their presence, or body, for money. Everything smells money there, as well as the casinos located just next door. It's the perfect example of people from an emerging country, who didn't have time to have a normal economical progression : they only consider money as the most important thing, no matter how it's made. Real retarded mentality. It's just a luxurious brothel.

It is truth ugly rich old foreigner guys are coming in Bamboo to pick up their toy! but who doesn't like money! Club is well known in Bucharest like Hunters club! Our best looking women going (but not the smartest one) there to make their life easier! They are not hookers, they are just looking for better life! If you are going there to have sex, don't go! because most of them they are pretending that they are unavailable but after few lunches or diners, some presents you can have a nice toy. So it is much less complicated if you are calling high escort! It is truth and that is the reason why Romanians (men) doesn't like foreigners! But women they do!!! And one more thing. I agree with X- Bucharest! You can not generalising because there are also normal women(up to 5%) :-) If you want to have fun go in other clubs in Bucharest! Bamboo men's know why they are going there and women as well!!!

So what if drinks are expensive... ?Here in Montreal, Toronto ...the cheapest drinks in the cheapest clubs are $8-10 each... and around $15-18 in high class clubs.You pay for where you go!

You anton fagget, don t even think of talking like that about our girls. Stop generalising and think before saying all this stuff cuz next time you might not be welcomed!!

Wow it was a nice cool place ... beautifull women ..rich guys (foreign ) with high class prostitutes on there arms ..TRUE) entrance fee is expensive ..and drinks even more expensive ! but worth to go and see - just make sure you remember vodka red bull wow about £8 - £10 pounds ..other drinks less expensive around £4 etc...
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