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3 days ago I was also in Gdansk and at the evening I got in an conversation with a nice young girl on the street. She recommended me a strip bar just 1 minute away from there and I know that these clubs are famous for rip-off. But It was my last evening in Poland and I had still a few hundreds of Zloty and wanted to get rid of them. Moreover I had already drunken a few beer, so I came a little bit in mood, but I was 100% sure that I will be very careful and just drink 1 or 2 beer there and that this will not be enough to get real drunken,so that I have everything under control there. So, I came in and ordered 1 beer and a few minutes later came a young girl to me and wanted to convince me for a private-show. I was honest und how I said very carefully, so I told her that she can forget it, I will just drink my 1 beer here and then go out, so she doesn't need to waste her time with me, there are lots of other customers, who want to pay more. Nevertheless she stayed with me and we hat a nice conversation, every 5 minutes she tried again to convince me for the private show (2 or 3 times) but I had resisted. After around 10 minutes the waitress came and was a little bit angry, asked me in a very unfriendly way, why I came here and don't book the show or buy the girl a drink. I responded to her also loud and clearly, that I just want to drink my beer out and then I will go. A few minutes later my beer got almost empty and I wanted to go and the waitress brang me 2 shots. I was really stupid to drink them, because after this situation before I was was a really bad customer, so why should she bring me free shots? I drank them and 1-2 minutes later I don't have any memorys more except that I went to the toilet. I think I had to piss already the 15 minutes before and wanted to go out after this, but on the way everything ends. Maybe this was my luck. I woke up at next day and had everything in my pockets of the jeans (smartphone, cards, zlotys). The only thing I lost was my jacket which lied on my seat in the club lounge where I drank the beer and talked with the girl. I just can suppose that I noticed that they took something in my drink on the way to the toilet and wanted to leave the club unseen. This would be the only scenario, which would make sense to me, but I don't know anything. A reason for that is also that I bought on the next kiosk something to drink on the way to my apartment with the visa card and the time is less than 1 hour after the payment of the 1 beer in the club and I was at least 30 minutes in there, maybe more. I don't remember to buy this drink, I just found it next to my bed at the next morning and saw the payment. I really had luck! I don't know what would be happened if I booked the private show or stayed for a longer time there. Maybe it was also an advantage, that it was at the early evening (~21.00) so It was surely easier to leave the club if the restaurants and streets around the club were full of people instead of empty streets in the late night,but how I said: zero memories since 1 or 2 minutes after the shots. So I just spent the 15-20 Zloty for the beer in this awful club, more than luck!!!
10/16/2020 Stay Away!

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