Adult Entertainment

Adult Entertainment in Gdańsk


A sign that a city is on the up in the tourism market has to be the appearance of strip clubs. That's not to say Gdansk didn't have any strip joints before the increase in visitors, but in recent times clubs have opened in much more prominent city centre locations and their 'marketing' efforts have become much more aggressive. It is now impossible as a man, without the company of a woman, to walk along the main street, ul.

Dluga. in the evening without being approached with a flyer. This is a problem affecting most major Polish cities and the local governments and law enforcement seem unable to stop it.

While we do not advise against visiting any of the strip clubs in Gdansk, we would recommend dealing only in cash to avoid any chance of misunderstandings over what should and shouldn't be charged to your credit card.
In recent years various strip clubs have been accused by customers of card fraud but in every case they have been found not guilty by the courts.

If you're looking for a strip club in town you'll not have to search too far and all we'll say is keep your wits about you, go easy on the Polish spirits and enjoy the show.

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