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We wholeheartedly believe that Gdańsk In Your Pocket is the best guide to the Tri-city on the market. Written in a witty, impartial and informative style, here you'll find almost limitless amounts of info on what to see and do while in town, plus all the history and cultural background you could possibly wish for. Best of all, the information we give here is meticulously updated every three months so that it is as current and accurate as we can possibly make it while still finding time to bathe semi-regularly and detox before court appearances.

Even more importantly, and in contrast to our competition, the editorial content of In Your Pocket guides is completely subjective and independent of paid-for editorial or sponsored listings. Contrary to popular assumption, IYP writers do not accept free meals, sexual favours, first-born children or other industry 'benefits' in return for favourable reviews, and we reserve the right to say whatever we damn well please about the venues listed in our guides, regardless of disagreement from partner organisations, venue owners or the general public.

Our editors do everything in their power to ensure and maintain the accuracy of the information imparted here. That said, it’s a tall order, and IYP assumes no responsibility for errors, American spellings, poor service, surly doormen, disappointing food, missed flights, terrible hangovers or unplanned pregnancies experienced by our readers.

Gdańsk In Your Pocket's premium city guide and free city map are ideal travel companions for the Tri-city!

Gdańsk In Your Pocket is available in several formats:


Print copies of the current edition can be ordered from our online shop, or picked up in person at most tourist information offices and hotel reception desks in the Tri-city; for a definitive list of distributors, click here.

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