Old Town

We should point out that our definition of the Gdańsk Old Town is not the strict definition of Old Town (Stare Miasto). In terms of defining a district for you the reader, we have defined the Old Town as the area to the east of Wały Jagiellońskie, the north of Podwale Przedmiejskie (that horrible dual-carriageay driven through the remains of the city by the post-war authorities) and west from the far banks of the Nowa Motława river. The northern border can be imagined as being the area by the European Solidarity Centre and Pl. Solidarnosci. While describing this area as the Old Town is not strictly correct, it is the area most locals would refer to as the Starówka and covers the area where you will find most of the historic places of interest. It's official name is Śródmieście (literally Downtown).

The strick definition of Old Town meanwhile is the area of the Starówka where the city began. If you head for the church of St. Nicholas (Św. Mikołaja) and the adjacent market hall and square, you'll find yourself on the southern edge of the district of the city named Stare Miasto (Old Town). Take a visit to Romanesque Cellar where you can see the results of years of archaelogical research and a short film showing how the original settlement grew up in this area.

Associated Venues

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