Zuzanna Czebatul. T-Kollaps

Mar 1 - Apr 27 2019       ul. Piwna 27-29, Gdańsk
Zuzanna Czebatul is a Polish sculptor recognised as one of the most interesting young artists in Europe. In her work she explores the relations between aesthetic and political systems, physicality of the sculptural matter as well as popular and club culture. In her installation T-Kollaps, Zuzanna Czebatul evokes ancient canons: Doric, Corinthian and Ionic. The artist fills the interior of the gallery’s scarlet space with inflated toy-columns as if with elements of ancient ruins suffering decay.  Statues of gods are nowadays monochromatically solemn, yet in their heyday they were painted with many colours. Similarly, when the red colour of the gallery walls permeates the transparent elements of Czebatul’s installation, they adopt the hues of the surroundings. For a brief while, we may experience the sunset over the Acropolis and witness “the Parthenon in the dying rays of the sun”.



Open 12:00 - 19:00. Closed Mon. Mar 1 2019 - Apr 27 2019
The Gdańsk City Gallery 1
ul. Piwna 27-29, Gdańsk
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