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** BEWARE OBSESSIONS ** Really don't know where to begin with what has just happened to me and my friend at Obsession in Gdansk on 1st March 2020. We had went for 1 beer around 8pm in another pub, went for a walk and ended up Old Town, passing Obsession we were propositioned by a young female offering us free shots and cheap drink. We thought why not? Worst decision of our lives.. Go into Obsession club around 9pm, 1 young dancer sits to the right of my friend and gives us 2 free shots, a welcome drink she says.. thanks very much and we drink them, 30 seconds later another girl comes over and sits to the left of me offering another 2 free shots, I say to her that we are fine but she insists being as nice as she could be. We drink the 2nd shot and that was it! We have no recollection until we come to the next day, myself in a hospital after a severe beating, stitches, broken ribs etc and my friend in our apartment minus his polo shirt, hoody, jacket, wallet, money and iPhone! Luckily he wasn't beaten and luckily I wasn't robbed as part of what happened to me. As we hadn't consumed much alcohol prior to going into Obsessions and after reading sites similar to this we are in absolutely NO doubt that we were 100% drugged!! Even people in Gdansk admitted it happened and this said club was 1 of if not the worst to go to! If only we had known this beforehand.. We went to the police but they did not have an interpreter so the next day before we left we called the British Embassy who instructed us to go back to the police station, they called the station before we arrived to let them know we would need an interpreter. We then went back along to the police but with us leaving the country that day they said they would be unable to follow up interviews with us, also no luck for my friend as he did not have travel insurance unfortunately.. We are now back in the UK and I have already been in contact with an English speaking lawyer in Gdansk with a view to seeing what if anything we can do about it. We spoke on the phone today and I sent an email detailing everything that happened to us so I'll know in due course if any action can be taken.. perhaps if more people contact said lawyer or similar then we can do something about these horrible places! Totally ruined what had started of a great weekend!
03/04/2020 Angry Traveller

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