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As tempting as it would be to call Antycafe a 'hipster haven', since mocking hipsters is more hip than being one these days, we wouldn't want to do this eclectic establishment that disservice. Between the two full bars on opposite ends of this 30m long ‘anti’-café, you’ll find an array of candlelit nooks, an assortment of gloomy, somewhat sinister art, great music, and a very unique, very cool vibe indeed. True to its name, the alternative atmosphere belies more of an edgy bar than a quaint café, and with a great beer selection, you've all the more reason to occupy a table. If you can find a free one, that is.

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One of our favourite Krakow hand-outs. Edgy and somewhat unusual decor (the victorian childrens nightgowns with lights inside were amazing). The huge smoking area at the back is very dimly lit, which is partly the fog of smoke and partly as it's lit only by candles and that just adds to the atmosphere. Good mix of background music, rock, goth, indie and alternative alongside more mainline stuff. Good choice of bottled beers which all seem to fall between 8 - 12 zloty. Chilled and very friendly bar staff.
Tom Ford
PixelPol. I think the problem is you haven't even read my post. What have I twisted? The name in conjunction with the imagery, symbolism draws an obvious meaning. If you choose to ignore it and think it's cool or whatever then that's your choice. I just gave an honest report on what was in the bar the time I visited. Just explain to me without bs what do devils painted or in video form mean to you? What does a baby without pupils hanging from a cross mean to you? That in combination with picuters of horned man etc, means nothing to you? Of course it's random elements picked from relevant cultures. Open your eyes.

Tom Ford, are you high? You must have absolutely no idea about the different music sub-cultures this place draws the inspiration from. Industrial, metal, trance, ethnic vibes, electronica - it's all it there in one package. Maybe the pictures of native Americans and dreamcatchers on the walls are also satanic in nature?<br /><br />And yes, the name says it all: it's not a mainstream cafee. You're twisting it. Reading things like these makes me think we're still living in Dark Ages.
Tom Ford
Nothing I have said is exaggerated. There are numerous pictures, paintings of devils, horned men, streaming of dark films on the projector. If you think a framed depiction of a pupilless baby hanging from a cross isn&#39;t anti Christian in combination with everything else I don&#39;t know what is. The theme isn&#39;t subtle it&#39;s highly overt. I am not saying it&#39;s a place for Devil worshippers or Satanistics but it would be interesting to know about the owner. The sad thing is most people probably haven&#39;t even noticed these things. It doesn&#39;t take a genuius if you go in there with your eyes open. You probably think I am some kind of fanatical religious type which couldn&#39;t be further from the truth. The name of the place anty says it all...
Editor IYP

It's not a bar for satanists, as Tom seems to imply. The lighting and art certainly give Antycafe a slightly creepy, goth vibe, but not exactly. It's more a combination of the dusky, nostalgic atmosphere of many Kazimierz bars, with a grotesque surrealist slant (think Hans Bellmer, Francis Bacon) not uncommon in contemporary art exhibits. In our opinion it's highly original, and certainly more interesting than a typical goth or metal bar. The public seems to agree considering it's usually rather packed. There might be a slightly provocative undercurrent of depravity to the aesthetic, but it isn't anti-Catholic, and the people that go here aren't devil worshipers. Tom's description is wildly exaggerated.
Tom Ford
The bar is full of satantic depictions and symbolism. They constantly stream videos of devils and other demons on a large projector screen. There are anti Christ pictures all over the walls. Funny how you didn&#39;t mention any of this, just look at the name of the place anty it says it all. Amazing how a bar with these themes is so popular in a Catholic country.
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