Krzysztof Penderecki. The Musical Score & the Garden. Music in Drawing, Garden in Music

May 4 - Sep 26 2021       Rynek Główny 20
In 2003, Maria Anna Potocka shot the film The Musical Score and the Garden in Lusławice with Polish composer and noted Krakowian Krzysztof Penderecki, where he discussed his method of composing as well as his graphical method of 'sketching' a symphony onto a sheet of music. He compared his musical experience to the composition of a garden, and the park he created at his residence Lusławice was, inversely, inspired by his own symphonic compositions. The first part of the exhibition Krzysztof Penderecki. The Musical Score and the Garden. Music in Drawing, Garden in Music at the Bunkier Sztuki Gallery of Contemporary Art offers an insight into his ideas about music and garden, encompassesed by private sketches – so-called pre-scores – as well as drawings of concepts for his beloved garden garden. In the second part, a series of Penderecki portraits by Beata Stankiewicz, Marcin Maciejowski and Bartek Materka are on display, as well as photographs by Marian Eile from the series A Return Visit: Dali at the Pendereckis, and photographic documentation from the park in Lusławice by Marek Bebłot and Bartek Barczyk.



May 4 2021 - Sep 26 2021
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