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Tuesday Mar 17 - Sunday Apr 12    
In the wake of the international Coronavirus pandemic, Czarna Owca Wino Bar in Kraków has had a rather brilliant idea to keep its social activity alive. No doubt you've heard of live streaming presentations, online gaming and, more recently, entire rock concerts for an audience that is, unfortunately, stuck at home. Now, for the first time that we know of, a wine-tasting session will take place on Facebook Live Video, conducted by Czarna Owca's very-own sommelier, Dominik Macała! Together, we shall embrace the noble grapes of Southern Italy - Tombacco Aglianico del Beneventano. It's scarcely known outside its homeland, however, it ranks alongside the northern likes of Barolo, which is why it is often referred to as the Barolo of the South.

How does it work?

In order to participate, you are going to need some wine! Czarna Owca has a home wine delivery, so that you don't need to go lurking about in bottle shops in these uncertain times. 

How much does it cost?

The winebar price of this bottle is 105zł.
However, for online tasting for one bottle - 20% discount or 84zł.
Even better, for two bottles or more - 30% discount or 73.50zł.
All prices include delivery!

How to Order?

Please place your orders by email: or by phone: 576 446 088.
Please place your order by 12:00 no later than the same day for deliveries in Kraków, Swoszowice, Libertów, Mogilany, Skawina, Wieliczka, Węgrzce, Bibice, Zielonki and similar distances of the mentioned cities.

If you're anywhere else in Poland, please submit orders by 12:00 on the day before tasting.
Please transfer to the account number at mBank: 40 1140 2004 0000 3502 7476 7903

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