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The Spaghetti
We have experienced food poisoning from this restaurant after both eating the lasagne dish on Friday 23rd Nov 2018. Around 18.30 time in Poland. The lasagne dish was lukewarm and the meat and cheese on the dish was especially chewy upon arrival, I did mention this to my partner at the time (as we tend to share each other’s dishes) but assumed that this was how this restaurant must serve their dish. This was the only place that we had eaten at that entire day. We never ate elsewhere at all that day. The following day when we landed very very unwell clearly with food poisoning we straight away contacted the restaurant the after we both landed with severe vomiting, fevers, chills, and so on. The restaurant basically acted in denial and blamed it on everything else that it could have been anything else that day to cause it despite me telling them it was food poisoning, we never ate anywhere else at all that day and the issue was with the lasagne - which we both shared to eat. They continued to deny the fact or consider that it could have been them who gave us it, but funnily enough must have felt some guilt as they went on to offer us both a free meal... ??? Whilst I gracefully declined going back to eat there after we both ate same dish and ended up very very sick. I do find it bizarre how we would like to return to a restaurant who cause us this sickness. Out of our 3 day trip, we only got to experience 1 day (the same day we went to restaurant) the following 2 days after that. Both bed bound and too unwell to experience Krakow. Such a horrible and unfortunate trip we have lost a lot of money on this trip to Krakow. And didn’t even get to experience the city in full. Just wish we never thought about eating here. Ruined our entire trip to Krakow.
11/29/2018 Jade

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