Brane Širca: Silhouettes at Ljubljana Castle

Open 09:00-19:00.       Grajska Planota 1
Brane Širca is considered a highly engaged visual artist, his painting, graphic and sculptural cycles demonstrate an exceptional sensitivity to social imbalances. Širč's artistic narrative is woven in a field of existentially coloured figurative art. The presented painting objects, rounded off in the Paris Silhouettes series, were created on the basis of photographic recording of the hustle and bustle of the anonymous crowd of people flooding the streets, boulevards and squares of the French capital. The pulse that Širca captured through the lens, in addition to the lively dynamics of everyday urban life, also reveals the less pleasant sides of modern life, imbued with the logic of consumption. And it is precisely this kind of living layering that represents the content core of the exhibition.

Text and images from www.ljubljanskigrad.si



Open 09:00-19:00. Jan 18 2024 - May 5 2024
Ljubljana Castle
Grajska Planota 1

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