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Heading away from the cathedral across Skalinska Street and Krvavi Most, your next destination ought to be the Stone Gate which is one of the age old entrances to the Upper Town. Whilst on the way, do check for the exact time of day by looking at the Sun Clock on Tkalčićeva Street; it was made by Božidar Jušić in 1955 as part of his Masters studies. The Stone Gate is one of the symbols of the city of Zagreb and it maintains a painting of Our Lady which is one of the oldest of its kind and owned by the city. In 1931, it was adorned with a crown of gold and gems. As tradition would have it, light a candle whilst at the Stone Gate to help spread peace and solidarity throughout the world.

The Upper Town is the historical centre of the city and is definitely coated with an abundant history. Get your camera ready and your sightseeing journey should entail the Church of Saint Mark with its multi-coloured bell tower and picturesque roof adorned with various coats of arms, and the interior is filled with frescoes by Jozo Kljaković and savoured works by the great Ivan Meštrović.

Lunch is almost upon you so before you settle for a well-earned meal, hop on down to Basaričekova Street for a beer in Zagreb’s oldest inn Pod starim krovovima, translated as ‘Under the old roofs’, this used to be known as Beer Street as the city’s first brewery was established here long ago.

One final stop off point is the plateau on Gradec which offers a majestic panoramic view of Zagreb, the perfect moment to soak in Croatia’s capital for all its beauty. We did say one final stop but you just have to take a snapshot with the sitting statue of the legendary Croatian writer Antun Gustav Matoš on a nearby park bench for the perfect selfie. Finally, you can head down to the city centre via the famous funicular which takes approximately 64 seconds. We say you time it, just for the fun of it all!

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Lunch is calling and when in Zagreb do as the Zagrebians do! You simply have to choose from one of the restaurants and try some of the local specialties on offer. Keep an eye out for zagorska purica i mlinci, better known as Zagorje turkey with dried flatbread. This traditional meal is a ‘must try’ that had been served at both Viennese and English courts long ago. For lovers of food more green and natural, there are various homemade stews with vegetables to tingle everyone’s taste buds.

After lunch, take a walk to Park Zrinjevac, you’ll come across the

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