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meteorological column on the northern side which gives you the exact temperature in degrees, or relax under the age old trees which offer plenty of cover.

Further down, the statue of King Tomislav stands mighty and proud and is in the direction of the Esplanade Hotel, a stopping ground for the once famous Orient Express. Here is where you can devour the famous dessert known as štrukle. Once your back on your feet and reenergised, amble along to the Republic of Croatia Square and head towards the Museum of Arts and Crafts, here you can get a compelling copy of a platter depicting the triumph of Bacchus and Ariadne, which was created in a workshop on Dean Street in London, and has for a long time been part of the Museum’s collection. You can also see the bronzed clock marking the first flight of the balloon in 1783 by the Montgolfier brothers. Close by is the Croatian National Theatre, an architectural delight with the famous wall fountain The Source of Life by Ivan Meštrović.

Eventful evening

As the sun sets the buzz in the air moves to another level in the heart of town! You’re best to select from one of the restaurants to wine and dine to kick off your night. If you like good beer, take the opportunity in trying local 'craft' beer or dabble in some Croatian wines in one of the wine bars. Zagreb residents love to socialise in bars, and you’ll find a strong contingent at good rock, pop and jazz gigs. If you are keen for more, check out the local tourist guides and concerts in local clubs and venues.

And finally, before you say goodbye to Zagreb, pay a last visit to the main square, give the statue of Ban Jelačić a cheerio for it is the central monument of the square. Last minute goodies can be found nearby at the famous Croatian Kraš chocolate and candy store, don’t forget to visit the Manduševac Fountain on the main square also, soak in the atmosphere for a minute and imagine yourself throwing in a coin and making a wish as was permissible long ago, maybe even a wishful return trip to Zagreb.

Fun fact
The three main chandeliers in the Zagreb cathedral once decorated the Gold Coast Casino in Las Vegas!

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