ul. Długi Targ 17/18, Gdańsk     more than a year ago
A strip club on the square, whose staff bother you with leaflets incessantly from the moment the sun begins to drop (and recently even at lunchtime). We've heard so many complaints about the prices of drinks and the behaviour of the women, bar staff and doormen, that we advise you to do as we do and avoid this place like the plaque. If you do decide to visit, make sure that you do your business in cash and keep the credit card in your pocket to save any confusion or misunderstandings later. If you need a lawyer, it might not be a bad idea to ask here too - they seem to know the law better than the local government.

NOTE: Police raided the Obsession club around 02:00 on the morning of July 1, 2017. Initial results of tests of the drinks seized suggest that they contained psychoactive drugs. See our blog for more details of the raid and for follow-up stories. Those held in the raid were all released without charge and police enquiries are ongoing.
Police raid on Obsession in July 2017, initial results of tests of the drinks seized suggest that they contained psychoactive drugs.
Photo by Czytelnik,


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Is all of this, last comment, whole story bought by police to ... whatever... no one cares about my opinion any way...
Stay Away!
3 days ago I was also in Gdansk and at the evening I got in an conversation with a nice young girl on the street. She recommended me a strip bar just 1 minute away from there and I know that these clubs are famous for rip-off. But It was my last evening in Poland and I had still a few hundreds of Zloty and wanted to get rid of them. Moreover I had already drunken a few beer, so I came a little bit in mood, but I was 100% sure that I will be very careful and just drink 1 or 2 beer there and that this will not be enough to get real drunken,so that I have everything under control there. So, I came in and ordered 1 beer and a few minutes later came a young girl to me and wanted to convince me for a private-show. I was honest und how I said very carefully, so I told her that she can forget it, I will just drink my 1 beer here and then go out, so she doesn't need to waste her time with me, there are lots of other customers, who want to pay more. Nevertheless she stayed with me and we hat a nice conversation, every 5 minutes she tried again to convince me for the private show (2 or 3 times) but I had resisted. After around 10 minutes the waitress came and was a little bit angry, asked me in a very unfriendly way, why I came here and don't book the show or buy the girl a drink. I responded to her also loud and clearly, that I just want to drink my beer out and then I will go. A few minutes later my beer got almost empty and I wanted to go and the waitress brang me 2 shots. I was really stupid to drink them, because after this situation before I was was a really bad customer, so why should she bring me free shots? I drank them and 1-2 minutes later I don't have any memorys more except that I went to the toilet. I think I had to piss already the 15 minutes before and wanted to go out after this, but on the way everything ends. Maybe this was my luck. I woke up at next day and had everything in my pockets of the jeans (smartphone, cards, zlotys). The only thing I lost was my jacket which lied on my seat in the club lounge where I drank the beer and talked with the girl. I just can suppose that I noticed that they took something in my drink on the way to the toilet and wanted to leave the club unseen. This would be the only scenario, which would make sense to me, but I don't know anything. A reason for that is also that I bought on the next kiosk something to drink on the way to my apartment with the visa card and the time is less than 1 hour after the payment of the 1 beer in the club and I was at least 30 minutes in there, maybe more. I don't remember to buy this drink, I just found it next to my bed at the next morning and saw the payment. I really had luck! I don't know what would be happened if I booked the private show or stayed for a longer time there. Maybe it was also an advantage, that it was at the early evening (~21.00) so It was surely easier to leave the club if the restaurants and streets around the club were full of people instead of empty streets in the late night,but how I said: zero memories since 1 or 2 minutes after the shots. So I just spent the 15-20 Zloty for the beer in this awful club, more than luck!!!

This doesnt matter at all. The corrupt police are being paid by gangsters to let strip clubs rob, drug and harm people. The corrupt politicians are getting paid by the dirty gangster money so it is allowed to happen. Dont trust that the police wish to stop this. The police are allied with the strip clubs and get paid under the table. There is no law and order in reality. The general opinion amongst Polish people it is to be expected on strip clubs to be robbed, drugged and beaten. If you decide to go there then Polish people think you are asking for it. Its very sick that this madness has continued UNTOUCHED for almost 10 years. It will never go away.
Angry Traveller
** BEWARE OBSESSIONS ** Really don't know where to begin with what has just happened to me and my friend at Obsession in Gdansk on 1st March 2020. We had went for 1 beer around 8pm in another pub, went for a walk and ended up Old Town, passing Obsession we were propositioned by a young female offering us free shots and cheap drink. We thought why not? Worst decision of our lives.. Go into Obsession club around 9pm, 1 young dancer sits to the right of my friend and gives us 2 free shots, a welcome drink she says.. thanks very much and we drink them, 30 seconds later another girl comes over and sits to the left of me offering another 2 free shots, I say to her that we are fine but she insists being as nice as she could be. We drink the 2nd shot and that was it! We have no recollection until we come to the next day, myself in a hospital after a severe beating, stitches, broken ribs etc and my friend in our apartment minus his polo shirt, hoody, jacket, wallet, money and iPhone! Luckily he wasn't beaten and luckily I wasn't robbed as part of what happened to me. As we hadn't consumed much alcohol prior to going into Obsessions and after reading sites similar to this we are in absolutely NO doubt that we were 100% drugged!! Even people in Gdansk admitted it happened and this said club was 1 of if not the worst to go to! If only we had known this beforehand.. We went to the police but they did not have an interpreter so the next day before we left we called the British Embassy who instructed us to go back to the police station, they called the station before we arrived to let them know we would need an interpreter. We then went back along to the police but with us leaving the country that day they said they would be unable to follow up interviews with us, also no luck for my friend as he did not have travel insurance unfortunately.. We are now back in the UK and I have already been in contact with an English speaking lawyer in Gdansk with a view to seeing what if anything we can do about it. We spoke on the phone today and I sent an email detailing everything that happened to us so I'll know in due course if any action can be taken.. perhaps if more people contact said lawyer or similar then we can do something about these horrible places! Totally ruined what had started of a great weekend!
Me, my sister and our dad started our evening at obsession. We got free entry and free shots, I also got "free" private boot. Once in the private they asked for more money, I told them no and then I got angry. I got out without paying anything. I see my sister is sleeping on the couch, I grab her to get her out and the girls tell me to leave her alone, I remember getting her up the stairs and then its total blackout. I woke up on the train station by two policemen carrying me out. This is scary, because everything could have happened... cant they shut this down!
I 100% wish I found this before going to Obsession - January 2020 and still happening. Thought I'd go in for short stay and keep walking about, after some 'free' shots I have minimal memory. I got very sick, threw up a lot, checked my wallet before leaving and it was empty. I could barely walk. When I woke up in morning I found my credit card was also charged multiple times, was thinking - WTF happenned, how did I get that drunk so fast? Had to leave city in morning so I did not go back or report... 5 days later still feel after effects.

Drugged, beaten up, bruised, tried to take £800 from my cards, stole my belongings they are going to kill somebody here, wouldn't let me leave, so hard to try when they drug you, bunch of cowards, I was ill for a week from the effect of them spiking me, I am serious and so are the other reviews. Do not go here, don't get separated, the girls are not even nice one angry dancer and one fat minger, sent reports to the police.
Majd Egho

Never go there! They brought drinks to me that I didn’t order and the girl started to talk to me by herself in the end after I got drunk they asked me to pay 200€ and they stole my wallet (with documents) and my glasses. They are destroying the tourism in poland i said to the polish police!!
My friends and I were approached outside on the street by promoters and lured with free alcohol (a bottle of vodka). We went into the club and had to order a drink to get the vodka. After a few minutes the girls sat between us and held smalltalk with us. After that we were separated from our group, so that each of us is alone with one girl. After a short dance we were asked to pay for a drink (36€ for orange juice) or to go to the private room for the same price. In the private room there were continuous shots for free and after about 20 minutes I passed out. The next day 604€ (2594 PLN) were debited, without me knowing anything about it. They stole my buddy's mobile phone, bank card and identity card. My other friends had to carry him out because he was unconscious. PLEASE NEVER GO TO THE STORE! They stun you and steal everything from you. If you go in, take a maximum of 20 PLN for the first drink and go out immediately. Translated with
Just got back after a very good weekend spoilt only by Obsession. On entering as a group the girls made a bee line for us separating all the lads by sitting between us. We were given shots, dark and light. Thankfully, I had sniffed a rat and didn't stay too long. Although long enough to pay 245 zloty for a vodka for the girl who was sat with me... Thankfully this girl tipped me off and i got out. My friend however, wasnt so lucky and had his Credit Card damaged by £545.00.... I paid cash even though they begged for my card. one customer returned asking for his phone and was shown the exit very quickly. Very seedy place with a bad atmosphere. Theyre are better venues. I would stay clear, unlike my memory the day after.

Bad experience in club. i was Invited by a man who was working for the club while i was walking in the main street. and i went there. I started to drink and the girls gave me free shots and i rejected and they forced me to drink. they say it is tradition in poland you have to drink . After that i didnt remember all what was happened. only getting private show. But i remember one ting when i was paying and put my visa in to payment machine the girl say that your card has been rejected, you must enter pin one more,again and again. Next day when checked my account paid 11500 PLN as reservation in total with in 2 hours.
They keep on scamming people by getting them drunk or drugged because this mafia know that police won't do enough to get rid of them. There seems to be a "don't care about attitude" on the part of the police. When I went to report it, nobody spoke English and didn't seem to care about what happened to us. That's a shame if you want to be a European country. Police are not trained to deal with crime in a touristc place like Gdansk.

Ich wurde hier betäubt und beraubt. Alle Kreditkarten komplett abgeräumt. Körperlich bedroht. Extrem kriminell. Am liebsten würde ich den Laden in die Luft jagen!

have been here at 9.03. Creditcardtickets for app € 5000 in 90 minutes 7 times credit card charge cant remember everything went imnediatly to university hospital and police investigations are running
Collegues went to club yesterday and one of them loose 8000€ from his visa...

never go there they will scam your card told me it was 245 zloty but they have taken 6 payments out of my bank never go there and they have taken alot of money
It happened also to us as well! How they can still doing it!? After midnight at Saturday October 7th 2017, we went to the Obsession Club. Strippers joined us and totally filled our throat with something special drinkmix. Then came almoust totally Black Out. So soon and easier. Next day my gredit- and debit-card have about 600 EUR (2,580 PLN) reservations and my friend more than 2,200 EUR (9,900 PLN). Completely criminal activity. You will never go to Obsession Club in Gdansk! All the staff there know what is all about. Starting from strippers. And they dont shame or care. It is so sad that we still have country in Europe, where you can´t trust the staff, you have to use cash, pay immediately and know the prices before ordering. This is also Obsessions business-idea, they trust that people are ashamed to start over to find out afterwards, what really happened and get their money back in one way or another...

STAY AWAY! I went there last night, bought one beer ne one shot and I can''t remember anything after that but only getting a private show, leaving the club angry because of something connected to the payment and woke up with a wound on my face. DONT GO THERE! I just wait for my bank to tell me which payments have been made.
Palaiochóra, Khania, Greece
Last Saturday, I was for sure drugged and robbed 30.000 zł from my credit cards in this very club! Unfortunately, I didn’t know about its bad reputation 🙁 Normally, I can say “no” to e.g. buying 30 roses for 1000 zł, but not this time. I’m devastated, and have of cause reported it to the police. But as you write, probably, they can do nothing.
Editor Gdansk
I would call the police in Poland and report the crime first of all. There is an ongoing investigation being handled by the Gdansk police. Their contact details are here. In case there is nobody there who can speak English, I suggest you call the tourist helpline who might be able to put in contact with the right person. +48 608 599 999
I had a very bad experience 2 weeks ago. Drinking 1 drink in this club has cost me € 5.800! My bank or the police in my country can not do anything! Can anyone give me a suggestion how to handle this problem?
Never go to Obsession! Don''t even think about it! Strip clubs in Gdansk are connected with the mafia, and it''s a scam all of it. Went to Obsession, and didn''t read anything about the nightlife in advance. My first mistake! This club have approx. 20 people working in the main walking streets, trying to lure you in to the club, telling you to get cheap drinks and watch beautyful girls dance on stage and the chance of a private dance. In the club the girls are pretty and will give a little public show, but they will try really hard to get you to pay for a private dance in a closed booth. They will then give you a lot of alcohol shots for free, only to make sure you get insane drunk, and then they will come and charge you for an insane amount of money. The "manager" will tell you that they only accept card, and not cash. Should have thought that it was fishy by now, but a naive man, with good experience from other strip clubs in Europe/Baltics, thought "well, guess it''s ok". It was not! When you then evidentally get tricked to actually push the pin-number of your card, they will try to hide the screen from you, so you can''t see the price. If you actually see it, they will tell you it''s something wrong with the decimals, or that''s the way it''s written in Poland. They multiplied the price with 10. So when I checked my bank account the next day, the withdrew amount was 500 euros, and not 50 euro as planned. They even try to say that your card has been rejected, so that you must enter pin once more. Only to pay that crazy amount even two or three times. When you the next day come to complain, they will say that you had the chance to view the price, and that you are free to pay whatever you''d like, even though it wasn''t what you agreed in first place. The locals say that it''s all rigged with mafia connections, and the police doesn''t do anything about it. What actually have happened is that the police arrest you for drunken disorder, or anything like that, and can detain you for 24 hours. TL;dr; Be smart, stay away! Worst strip club ever! I had to pay a crazy amount of money that I really didn''t have, and I got away lightly. They have hustled a lot people for a lot more money than the 2600 zloty I was hustled for.

just a trap!!! i just went there just to drink some whisky and i would go to my hotel. I didn''t want to have a lap dance or sth else. But they forced me to drink some shots too much which were free. I don''t know maybe they put some drugs on it. I really don''t remember how I became so drunk. Normally I do not get so much drunk. Finally I vomited and they wanted to take about 35 zloty from me.. well the same game.. they got 3500 zloty from me 3 times until the end of limit of my credit card. And they asked about another card.. they got 11000 zloty at total. the day after I went to police and told everything. Now I am waiting for the news from policeman.. they told me that it will take so long time.. maybe 4 months to result.. so keep away yourself or do not go there with a credit card.. it is a shame of poland

Do mot go!!! Just Stay the hell away from this hustle house.
Jaap de Jong
I was paying 1700eu for nothing I can''t remember very much but feel bad next day like a drug dosis or something also steel my phone and 500 slotti I would say never go there

Nothing less than a scam, probably twice as expensive as your home country and borderline legal. Yes you will get a lap dance from a beautiful girl but you will pay circa 140 zloty just for buying her a drink and they will aggressively try and make you stay/milk whatever money you have). The sooner these criminals are shut sown and arrested the better until then Polish law is a total joke!
Really bad things happening there. You get a private show and she gives you allot of alcohol. Then the "accountmanager"comes in with a pin machine and ask you to pay 300 slotties (that 75,-euro) but the accountmanager makes mistakes (uhmm on purpose) it is nog 300 but 3000. 2 days later I found that they had discount euro 2250,-. The shows are fun but they make you drunk and you pay.. alot. Good luck there my friends.

Total rip off. Would not let me leave after only 30 mins early in evening at 5 pm. I had plenty of Polish zloty to pay but burly doorman blocked door you leave until I gave my card and number.very intimidating. Checked bank next morning and found that they had stolen £ 250 for one beer !! Pure conmen and robbers. Also heard from my hotel that they often spike people's drink with ryphonol and gbh...especially if you are a lone man like I was. Avoid like the plague. This was on Friday 4th November at 5pm.
Pure rip offs, pair 2500 euro for 15 minute show, saw that the next day, Should have been around 75, soooo my advice? NEVER GO THERE!!!
James G
Potters Glen
Sold my kidney for a turbo dance. Anyone want to buy the other one?
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