Post-industrial Eden

Jun 1 - Jan 31 2025       ul. Stefana Jaracza 14
This exhibition showcases over 140 photographs that capture allotment gardens across the globe, from the US and Cuba to Japan, Mongolia, and various European countries. These urban oases, depicted by photographer Todd R. Forsgren, serve as both practical havens for vegetable cultivation and conceptual links between untouched landscapes and contemporary cities. Amidst industrialization, these allotments redefine societal expectations of urban, rural, public, and private spaces. The exhibition explores the multifaceted reasons for the rising popularity of urban allotments in the 21st century, ranging from practical and economic considerations to political and philosophical motivations. As global awareness of environmental issues grows, the exhibit contributes to the ongoing global conversation about climate change, ecology, and humanity's connection with nature.



Jun 1 2024 - Jan 31 2025
NOMUS - New Art Museum
ul. Stefana Jaracza 14
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