Westerplatte in Seven Scenes

Sep 1 - Sep 30 2018       Pl. Władysława Bartoszewskiego 1, Gdańsk
On top of all that there is to see at the Museum of the Second World War, until March you also have this additional temporary exhibition which shows the most interesting finds found during archaeological research on the Westerplatte peninsula, where the first large engagement of World War II took place. The vastly outnumbered Polish defenders of the Military Depot there held out for a week with a remarkably small number of them killed considering the carnage and huge destruction around them. The museum has created seven thematic scenes using 200 of the exhibits found so far to recreate the dramatic scenes during the battle. The finds have come from a very small area to have been examined so far and rather interestingly non-WWII remains have also been found including 19th century Chinese coins.



Open 10:00 - 19:00. Sat, Sun 10:00 - 20:00, Closed Mon. Sep 1 2017 - Sep 30 2018
Museum of the Second World War
Pl. Władysława Bartoszewskiego 1, Gdańsk
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