Lajkonik Parade

Thursday Jun 23 12:00–21:15    
One of Kraków's most beloved characters, and beloved traditions, is that of the Lajkonik Parade, which has been an annual event in the city for over 700 years. While its origins are complicated, legend goes that after thrashing a troupe of sleeping Tartars who'd been intent on sacking the city, one of the local heroes proudly dressed up in the garb of their general and paraded himself around town to great applause. Thus the smarmy hero Lajkonik - in his embroidered robes and pointy hat, wielding a baton and riding a hobbyhorse - was born. Pythonesquely prancing about town on his own two feet, the merry prankster performs dances, bashes eager spectators on the head with his baton for good luck and collects ‘tributes’ in the form of coins, food and booze from local shopkeepers. Accompanied by his misfit band of musicians and revellers, who assist him in entertaining the crowds and procuring bribes, Lajkonik’s procession begins at the Kraków Water Plant (ul. Senatorskiej 1) at 12:00, slowing making its way down ul. Senatorska to Plac Na Stawach, arriving at the Norbertine Monastery (ul. Kościuszko 88) at 13:30 where dances and presentations take place until 14:45; Lajkonik then slowly winds down ul. Kościuszko and ul. Zwierzyniecka, performing a dance outside the Philharmonic (ul. Zwierzyniecka 1) at 17:45, and stopping in the Bishop's Palace from 18:10-18:25. At 19:00 festivities will begin under the Town Hall on the market square as Lajkonik makes his way down ul. Grodzka, finally arriving on stage at 19:30 to be ceremoniously received by the mayor, after which the two lead the city in a toast to Kraków’s longevity and celebrations continue until 21:15. Huzzah!

A detailed programme of Lajkonik's whereabouts can be found online.


Jun 23 2022 12:00–21:15

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