​​​​​​​Jakub Julian Ziółkowski: You Are Mine

Mar 30 - Sep 24 2023       ul. Lipowa 4
Born in Zamość in 1980, Jakub Julian Ziółkowski graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków with a Masters degree in painting, and has become one of the most important contemporary Polish artists of his generation. His art presents a private surrealist world writhing, teeming and overflowing with life - limbs, organs, cells, bodily fluids all make appearances in his art, as do rippling waters, bursting stars, orbiting planets. Many of his canvases are full to bursting, leaving little negative space, and he experiments with a kaleidoscope of colours, shapes, forms and sizes. Although these madcap manifestations are uniquely his own, viewers may make associations with Oriental art, tribal symbols, Hieronymous Bosch, James Ensor, astrology, mythology, who knows? It's a lot to unpack, and this first comprehensive presentation of his work packs a wallop. 100 works are on display, including large-format paintings, elaborate installations, precise drawings and monotypes, small sculptures, ceramic objects and two special works created especially for the enhibit - the monumental painting A Dream about Life and the totemic sculpture The Spirit of Our People, exhibited outside.



Mar 30 2023 - Sep 24 2023

Price/Additional Info

Admission 20/10zł.

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