Public Order & Extermination. Police in Nazi Germany.

Jan 26 - Aug 15 2021       ul. Dajwór 18
In cooperation with the German Consulate, this exhibit examines the role of the German police in Nazi Germany. In contrast to a democracy, where the police 'serve and protect' and maintain order, Nazi Germany was a totalitarian regime that used extreme violence to enforce the will of the state. The exhibit explores the role of the German police before Hitler seized power, and how it changed and evolved until the fall of the Third Reich. The displays cover such topics as the development of police structures, the roles and profiles of those responsible for the functioning of police, and the operations of the German police apparatus on the eve of, and during, the Second World War.



Jan 26 2021 - Aug 15 2021
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Admission 17/12zł, Mon 10 zł.

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