Ten Jews Who Made Poland Famous

Jun 28 - Sep 22 2019       ul. Lipowa 4
The Holocoust - undoubtedly the most horrific tragedy of the 20th century - shook the very foundations of humanity. The world needs to be constantly reminded of the absurdity of anti-Semitism and the warning of its danger is best expressed through art. Beata Stankiewicz’s series of paintings entitled Ten Jews Who Made Poland Famous is inspired by Andy Warhol’s 1980 series of paintings Ten Portraits of Jews of the Twentieth Century. Both series depict Jewish celebrities whose fame outweighs their ethnc origins. The way the faces of the dead appear in both series of paintings is as if behind a veneer of modernity. As individuals they belong in the past, while their image persists in the present. Stankiewicz’s realistic portraits of the greatest Jewish representatives in Polish culture and science, juxtaposed with the suggestive lines of the remaining attributes strengthens their physical presence. 



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