The Cold Eye. March 1942: Final Pictures of Jewish Families in Tarnów

18:00       ul. Dajwór 18
In 1941, in Vienna, a pseudoscientific project was developed in line with the ideology of National Socialism (Nazism), the aim of which was to “study the typical racial characteristics of Eastern Jews.” As part of this 'research' in German-occupied Tarnów, members of over a hundred Jewish families were photographed - a total of 565 men, women and children. Fewer than 30 of these individuals survived the Holocaust, however the project's photographs, including short biographies of the victims, have survived. This exhibition documents the Nazis' pseudoscientific research and tells of Tarnów's Jews under Nazi German occupation. The exhibition is divided into four sections, the center of which is the photography archive.

 The exhibit's vernissage will be March 13 at 18:00.



18:00 Mar 13 2024 - May 19 2024
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