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more than a year ago
An intimate view of Covid-19 in Croatia

In these times, even a single day can change our fates. In these times, when we travel in our thoughts and make new plans, we bring to you the stories of local people, people who you might meet on your travels in Croatia but more likely would not.

Here are stories from the insider’s point of view, from the local community. From people who living here and are discovering new moments for themselves. As well as their stories, each of them also shares with us three unforgettable things that everyone should see in Croatia.

Anita Schwarzburg 

Right now, while Covid-19 is changing the way we live, how are you living and working? Can you tell us how you feel, how you are experiencing things and how you see yourself?

To be honest I always imagined how it would be to witness a pandemic outbreak and a super-lockdown - ever since I read Stephen King`s book: „The Stand“ (which was published in 1978!). I didn't read it in 1978. I read the book when I was 19 or so. I also watched the TV-movie back than in the 90-ies. Since that time a post-apocalyptic version of our world was always in the back of my brain. 

This book describes a post-apocalyptic time during a pandemic (an evil influenza strain …) that kills almost everyone. The entire world population dies. There are only a few survivors. There are no better words to describe the atmosphere in this book than: „post-apocalyptic-dark“- and I guess that what caught my attention in the first place and the reason, why I was never able to forget this book and the topic. It was so realistic, even though -I thought- impossible at that time. This „darkness“ never left me alone.

That the thing with books (and movies). Sometimes we read a book and a few months later, we barely remember that we`ve ever read it. And some books never let us go! This happened to me with „The Stand“.
And since I´ve imagined a million times I was one of the survivors, getting ready for the last battle between good and evil – of curse I was ready when Covid-19 came. Since I could remember, I always had great pleasure in imagining such end of the world scenarios. In other words: since early childhood I was getting ready, writing „survival lists“ and making notes on this topic. Why? I have no clue! Do I wanna know? I don't think so. :)

I am grateful that the real world version is different than the one in my imagination – and for sure different than the one described in Stephen King`s book. Thank god for this! (If you want to thank someone else, go ahead! That fine too.)

Needless to say, that I was preparing myself for „any pandemic“ since I ´ve read this book. Therefore the real pandemic was no surprise for me. But still, it did shock me a bit, in the very beginning.

The lockdown:
The world remained still for weeks and so did our lives. Many people were locked up in their abatements in high rise buildings, caught in big cities. „We are lucky...“, I kept telling myself in the beginning. We are lucky indeed, because we do not live in a big city. We live outside of the town, in a small place on a hill, overlooking other hills, surrounded by vineyards, forests, nature embedded in greenery and peace. Beautiful quiet nature.  Its always quiet here. But somehow during this pandemic it was even more quiet. The sound of nature never fails to amaze us and every day we hear different sounds of birds and other creatures, who live in the nearby forrest.

How do I spend my days?
They are structured and well planned, due to the homeschooling. But we all have more free time, because there is no commute to the city. Again a good thing, since we are spending less time in traffic. The last time we stopped for fuel was 7 weeks ago!

There will always be a next crisis – now it´s Covid-19, after that it`s going to be the „covid-after-mess“ also. I am sure that there will be a crisis after that and one after that. And if there `s no crisis, we could invent one. And if we don't, someone else will! So better be ready for the next one!
People often forget, what `s really important in life and sometimes we need a crisis, to be reminded of those precious and really important things in life. Do I really need to repeat them: health, family, people who love us and we love them, friends.....
But there will always be a big bad wolf, tempting us off the path....

Let`s be honest, its not all bad during this crisis, right?
Suddenly we all have more time for the family, we actually listen to our kids, we even play with them „family games“ (no computer/online games) and we play sports games, we are outside, running, walking, we read books, enjoy naps in the hammock and pick nicks in the tree house. We have long breakfasts and lunch-feasts. We have more time for our partner and more time for the household.

Slowly but surely we got used to the restrictions and the situation. Bob Dylan`s: „Things have changed ...“ comes into my mind ….  Indeed, things have changed !

It`s not all that bad!

We all have time now. Even those people, who always complained, they had no time. Everyone has time now. Time to reconnect (with your family, your loved ones, friends), time to find a new (cool) hobby, to read books, to learn a new language, start a new course, time to finally meditate, time to help others and so much more.

I really hope that the people have learned something and that they will come to their senses – and maybe to a smart conclusion.

My conclusion would be: „Time is on my side“ (Rolling Stones)

Which three things should someone planning to visit Croatia definitely not miss? 
What to do after the lock down ? Where to go?

Otok Ljubavi (Mrežnica, Karlovac-area) & lunch at Mons Solis

 Sunken Boats Mrežnica, Photo by Dijana Klarić

Samobor (Old town)

Zagreb County Tourist Board Archives 

Zaprešić (Novi dvori), lunch at the Golf restaurant

Zaprešić Tourist Board Archives



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